Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40 (HTT-40) Basic Trainer Aircraft developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is all set to enter into a critical phase of trials in coming weeks this month as HAL plans to start stall and spin tests soon for which aircraft has been modified so that trials go without any hiccups.

HAL will be nervous because their HJT-36 trainer aircraft program had suffered a great setback when it could not clear stall and spin tests leading to the program being nearly abandoned by the Defence Ministry. HAL according to media reports have taken any safety measures and precautions this time and have consulted International experts to have a smooth set of trial around which is crucial to the programme.

Indian Air Force also uses Swiss Pilatus made PC 7 Mk1 trainer Basic Trainer Aircraft to train its newbie pilots but due to differences between Pilatus over rising cost of spares supply and support, it had a fallout leading to collapse of central maintenance contract with the Pilatus and instead IAF went for direct contract with various Orginal equipment makers of spares and equipment used in the PC 7 Mk1 trainer.

Sudden loss of the favor of PC 7 Mk1 trainer within Indian Air Force and the urgent need for more Basic Trainer Aircraft has made HAL’s HTT-40 more crucial now and clearance of stall and spin tests will be a crucial milestone for the program which needs to be cleared before aircraft can enter production.

stall and spin tests are crucial since every newbie pilot is supposed to go through this trials in their initial days of pilot training and it is important for a Basic Trainer Aircraft to be forgiving and let an amateur pilot commit a mistake and still be able to recover the aircraft.

HTT-40 also has generated interest in the region and many countries have approached HAL to know more about the product and till now the program had a smooth sailing and HAL will like this to continue by completing successful stall and spin tests.

HAL is also keen on developing Armed variant of HTT-40 which can be used as a light attack aircraft in non-contested airspace and has done International study and has come to the conclusion that even though Armed variant of HTT-40 might not be preferred by Indian Air Force but prospective International customers will be interested in equipping their Basic Trainer Aircraft for pilot training and light attack roles .

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