Tejas 3

After Quietly singing a deal with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)/Elta Systems for 83 active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars and electronic warfare (EW) suites to be fitted onto the Tejas Mk 1A. Defense PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has issued a tender for fabrication and supply of 5 Chassis assembly for DFCC Mk1A.

Major sub-assemblies such as front fuselage, center fuselage rear fuselage, wings et al, have been outsourced to private industry. Since the Current line of Tejas Mk1 and the upgraded variant, Tejas Mk1A will be similar and identically externally, it is expected that the current line of work will also go to Industrial outsource partners already selected by HAL.

HAL already has outsourced major production work of LCA-Tejas to Dynamatic Technologies Ltd, Bengaluru (front fuselage); VEM Technologies, Hyderabad (centre fuselage); Alpha Tocol, Bengaluru (rear fuselage); L&T, Coimbatore (wings); while the tail fin and rudder will be supplied by National Aerospace Laboratory and Tata Advanced Materials Ltd.

HAL will start assembly of the first Tejas Mk1A from mid-2020 on wards and it is likely that first aircraft will be ready for initial ground trials by end of 2020 and or in early 2021. HAL is determined to carry out first flight of the aircraft by end of 2021 and first aircraft itself will be in IOC (Initial Operational Clearance) Certified aircraft, since externals of the aircraft are same, it will not be required to go through further flight handling trials of the aircraft and the most of the trials will be limited to upgraded systems and avionics which are going to be installed in Tejas Mk1A.

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