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Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) showcased model of new 25kN jet engine at its pavilion at the latest edition of Aero India and its very first visitor was none other then Prime minister of India who was given detail explanation on development of the new engine .

458-crore 25-kN jet engine project has been in development for last 5 years and preliminary design of the engine has been completed, HAL will soon start working on the development of Components for the new engine and assembly of the engine will start in next two years admitted HAL officials in Aero India 2015 stall .

When asked about its application and which platform it will power? , Answer was simple ” for future platforms “. HAL refused to provide further information on the application of new jet engine, but disclosed development of new 8kN jet engine which will be used for Medium class UAV’s.

Compared to bigger 110kN engine which India wants to develop to power 5th generation fighter jet AMCA, 25-kN jet engines seems like low key development but BAE Hawk AJT’s used by IAF are powered by Rolls-Royce Adour Mk. 951 turbofans engines which generate 29 kN of thrust, so a 25kN engine can be used to power small aircrafts.

Engine been used for India’s Autonomous unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) can also be ruled out since GTRE will be using Dry version of Kaveri engine which will be producing 40kN of thrust much higher then what HAL will be developing .

HAL’s plans to develop Advance Jet Trainer (AJT) to supplement BAe Hawk AJTS already used in Indian Air force has been long abandon after IAF showed no interest in the project. HAL’s troubled HJT-36 Sitara intermediate jet trainer aircraft project uses NPO Saturn AL-55I engine which generates 16.9 kN of thrust, engine has been developed with Russians which includes firm orders for 250 engines to be manufactured at HAL facilities and TOT license for 1000 engines . so new engine powering HJT-36 at later stage too can be ruled out .

Speculations are indicating that HAL wants to develop new unarmed Stealth unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveillance aircraft which will fall in the category of High altitude, long endurance UAV (or HALE UAV) and can be used for military operations and will have long endurance. While HAL has still not disclosed any information about the application of a new engine nor confirmed development of any future platforms which will use this engine, so until then it might remain a speculation for some time about its usage.

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