The State-owned aerospace and defense company, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has issued Tenders for the propulsion (engine, main gearbox, reduction gears, etc.) to be equipped on the upcoming 200-kg RUAV-200 drone developed in partnership with DRDO’s ADE and IIT, Kanpur, to meet specific requirements of the Indian Army and Indian Navy.

HAL for the first time had revealed a full Scale model of the RUAV-200 drone at Aero India 2019 and as per information coming in, Prototype working of the same as commenced. Tender documents for the propulsion system show that RUAV-200 will have an endurance of 180 minutes and Dry weight of the propulsion system will be less than 52kgs that will have a peak power output of 34 KW and continuous power output of 30 KW.

HAL requires that the propulsion system is capable to operate at a temperature ranging from -35 to +55 Deg C and at an altitude ranging from Sea Levels to 20,000ft. HAL’s Rotary Wing R&D Centre is undertaking the development of families of rotary UAVs that can carry multiple Sensory payloads and even weapons as payloads. it’s still not clear if the RUAV-200 drone can be equipped with machine guns or anti-tank missiles, air to surface missiles or it will come in heavier rotary UAVs planned.

RUAV-200 drone is a coaxial rotor helicopter drone designed for multiple missions including battlefield reconnaissance, target positioning, and illuminating, communication relay, and battle damage assessment and as a good partner for tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and artillery. RUAV-200 drone will have a range of 200km and will be able to carry a maximum payload of 40kgs. first flight of RUAV-200 has been planned by end of 2021 or early 2022.

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