Successor of Burhan Wani and Top Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) commander Zakir Rashid Bhat in an 11-minute grainy video message has asked stone pelters and separatist sympathisers to stop using words ‘Azadi’ or ‘Pakistan’ since the objective is to fight and create Kashmir for the supremacy of Islam, in short, to work for an Islamic caliphate.

While Indian officials are still scrambling to understand the change of stance but it might be a deliberate decision to delink pro-separatist movement into something bigger and to prepare it to be taken to a global stage.

It might require some time to understand if the call to work to create supremacy of Islam in Kashmir is an opinion of an individual or handy work of larger players involved in the cross-border terrorism. but it seems that taking a leaf out of Islamic State ideology, to initiate a call for global jihad and to attract Jihad’s from all over the world. tactically plans have been made to drop local stand Kashmir movement and snowball it into a global Islamic campaign on much larger scale.

Till now Pakistanis and Kashmiris made the bulk of Militants who were recruited to fight Indian defence forces in Kashmir but smaller numbers and conventional superiority strength of the Indian forces have never allowed Militants to make gains and take an upper hand in the region.

New Plans might to a call for global jihad to create a larger force in the region to fight Indian forces, with Situation in Afghanistan literally all set to go back to a pre-2001 situation where Taliban is gaining control of the country, the bigger plan might be in works to take the movement to the global stage but only time will tell which way terrorism in Kashmir shifts .

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