Kalyani group developed Artillery systems are in the race to be officially be inducted into the Indian Army sometime shortly. Four Artillery systems developed by the Kalyani group have finally moved from Internal trials to the User Trials stage and soon might be on its way to be inducted into the Indian Army said a reliable industrial source close to

Garuda 105 mounted on a light tactical vehicle, Bharat-52, 155mm/39cal ULH and Truck mounted 155mm/39cal ULH are four Artillery systems which are been tested by the Indian Army, where else Bharat-52 a 155mm, 52 caliber towed howitzer has reached final trials round and around 400 numbers will be ordered once it is cleared by the Indian Army. Elbit Systems developed Athos 2052 towed gun had won the Tender but sources now suggest that it might be replaced with Bharat-52 instead.

Garuda-105 howitzer is an ultra-light mobile 105mm field gun at the rear of a light tactical vehicle. The Garuda-105 is based on an Indian-made 105mm field gun which incorporates state-of-the-art soft recoil technology and digital fire control.

Bharat 52 (155mm/52cal) is a long-range 155 mm 52 caliber gun fully designed and developed in India. Bharat 52 can fire up to a range of 41 km and utilizes self-propelling capability and automatic laying mode. Bharat 52 is a new generation of the towed gun, providing a highly maneuverable field artillery solution. It has been designed for accuracy, stability, and reliability during moving and firing maneuvers, and is based on the requirements of the Indian Army.

MArG – Steel, and Titanium (155mm/39cal) ULH dubbed as Mountain Artillery Gun is Indian made 155mm/39cal gun to supplement expensive BAE Systems M777 155mm/39cal gun which has a range of 30 km.

Truck Mounted MArG – Steel is a 7.8 tonne, 155 mm, 39-calibre ultralight howitzer mounted on a 4X4 Medium duty, General Service Logistic vehicle which has been specially designed to operate in tough terrains and at high altitude conditions.

Dhanush a 155 mm/45-calibre towed artillery gun developed by OFB and Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) developed with Kalyani and DRDO/TATA are other two flagship artillery gun system which is also carrying out final rounds of Army trials.

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