T Suvarna Raju, Chairman of India’s Hindustan Aeronautics has told TIMES NOW that the FGFA or the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft that India and Russia have been working on is a good project and should continue.

Raju reacting to reports that IAF has not recommended to the government in a report to not procure or continue with FGFA project based on Su-57 design, he said that ” We are still hopeful and this is a 5th generation is an opportunity for the Industry and as a country to going for this kind of technology”.

Raju also added that ” It is not easy to get this kind of technology from anywhere else “. When asked why the air force seemed to be unhappy with it, he said it may have its own compulsions.

when questioned on prospects of IAF procuring additional Sukhoi-30MKI, Raju said: ” As of now there is no intention from the customer but we will be too happy to produce additional Sukhoi-30MKI “.

Raju also said that he is hopeful and FGFA is his dream and it will fly in Indian skies in next Three years if the final contract is finalized soon.

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