When You have more than 40 years of experience in development of Stealth technologies, You surely cannot be ignored and you also have right to brag of been there done that and for a while American Defence Analysts have been running editorials on how Russian and Chinese 5th Generation fighter jets are ” Dirty 5th Generation jets ” which cannot match up to the American developed F-22 and F-35 aircraft .

Arguments put forward always have been critical of manufacturing process adopted by Russia and China which plays a crucial part in how design elements along with properly constructed air frame can really make a fighter jet stealthy in the air.

Russia and China are really not known for Superior built Quality or workmanship when it comes to production of their fighter jets but until now, it hardly also mattered much, since even a rugged air frame with clear evidence of poor workmanship could still give any Western developed fighter planes run for its money in actual combat but 5th generation is different ball game and Rugged Air frame and things sticking out ,gaps or poor incorporation of the component on the air frame makes it is pretty much and useless design to make it invisible in the air .

Americans Analysts are counting on poor precision machinery and lack of skilled manpower in research and development to brand Russian and Chinese 5th generation fighter jets as “Dirty fighters ” and we really can’t argue against this narrative since Air frame of the aircraft with Stealth coating and precision workmanship all need to work in tandem to create an invincible aircraft .

Indian air force for long has operated both Western and Russian supplied fighter aircraft in its fleet for decades now and always appreciated built Quality of western jets. Turning Pak-fa into FGFA and also make it into a world-class 5th generation fighter jet is challenge it self.

Since India will be producing this jets in India locally, HAL and other Aerospace agencies have a huge task to improve its build quality. In a 5th Generation fighter jets, Air frame plays a crucial part in incorporating Stealth elements if we fail to achieve precision and workmanship of Western Standards then it will be no more than a 4.9 Generation fighter which can be detected.

Built Quality of LCA-Tejas gives me hope that India can make FGFA its own and follow Western Standard to make sure that the air frame and other stealth elements are of top notch quality and can be compared with Western developed 5th Generation fighter jets.

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