As news arrives of the development of an air launched version of Brahmos and extension of range from 450km to 800 km in about 2.5 years the strategic importance of this development cannot be understated. A Su 30 Mki with a ferry range 1500 km and added with 800 km range of Brahmos gets a theoretical range of 2300 km.

That range easily covers not only entire Pakistan but even deep inside China. Even the acquisition of S400 by China will not make much of a difference. The very short reaction time available due to the extreme speed of Brahmos as well as the ability to manoeuvre the terrain of the Himalayas by the Sukhoi’s will not give even the S400 any reaction time.

The evasive manoeuvres of Brahmos will make things even more difficult. Even well hidden targets don’t stand a chance as the Brahmos can strike even behind mountains. The effects in the Naval warfare field will be even more pronounced. As the peninsula of Indian landmass juts deep into the seas the 2300 km radius when originating from Southern tip of India covers a massive part of the Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean will be truly India’s Ocean.

Now if we consider the Andaman and Nicobar islands, considered India’s unsinkable aircraft carrier, the area of influence covers a large part of area in the South East Asian region. If the Lakshadweep islands are similarly developed, the range covers most of the Middle East and even parts of Africa.
The Chinese-Pakistani ports in Gwadar and even Djibouti are not safe.

Thus making full use of India’s geographical assets the Sukhoi – Brahmos combo can exert an influence over a large part of the entire Asian land mass. The Government should take this steps on a priority basis as time is running short and the world geopolitical situation is extremely volatile.


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