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SOURCE: IDRW NEWS NETWORK has put together official information it had gathered at Aero India 2017 on all major UAV projects initiated in India by various Public sector companies.

Panchi: Wheeled version of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Nishant till now has completed 5 test flights and due to the removal of parachutes, skids and other control crash landing safety features, UAV now has an endurance of Six hours which is 1.5 hours more than Nishant.

Panchi also now comes with an improved Service ceiling of 14,000 ft which is 2000 ft more than Nishant, while it has same all up weight of 350kgs and 200 km range.

Rustom-I: Recently has been demonstrated for a full range of 200km and now also has been flown for the endurance of 12 hours with a 75kg payload and all up weight of 750kgs.

Rustom-1 also has been flown with variable pitch propeller and weaponised variant has been planned for which Rustom-1 with two HELINA Anti-tank guided missiles has carried out taxi sorties but a new Mark-5 variant is been prepared of Rustom-1 to be used as a dedicated weaponised Rustom-1 UAV platform to continue testing different weapons package.

Rustom-1 flights have been demonstrated for Indian Navy and Indian coast Guard.

Tapas-201: After its first flight last November, Tapas-1 is currently going through improvisation and weight reduction measures. DRDO has identified 8 target areas which will go through weight reduction and target weight reduction is 320 kgs.

Rotor UAV: Comprehensive project proposal has been done and Indian Navy will soon be handing over a Helicopter to continue work on its development.

Solar UAV: Project will be completed in Two Phases, Ground demonstrations of UAV have been carried out and the first prototype has been developed which can generate 25 to 30 watt of power has been harvested during peak solar radiation and all onboard avionics have been powered up by onboard power generated.

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