Two Ex-Royal AirForce Jaguar Trainer aircrafts acquired from the United Kingdom at cost of 2.81cr by India for Indian Air Force is likely to be restored back and put back into service says the latest media report. Jaguar Trainers are considerable in short supply due to few crashes and since India plans to maintain its Jaguar fleet till 2034, the flow of new pilots for their conversion training needs to continue due to which aircraft are likely to be restored back into service.

Two Jaguar Trainer where kept in Royal Air Force in Reserve Command which means components of the aircraft were kept in serviceable conditions to be put back into the air on short notice in event of war.

It’s still not clear if Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) will overhaul this aircraft or Indian Air Force will deploy its Base level Depots to overhaul this aircraft back into service but typically overhauling is done by Original Equipment Manufacturer or the Production agency which has dealt with the aircraft previously.

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