Subsequent to MoU done with the U.P. Govt. for developing its first ‘Robotics Technology Park’ at Greater Noida, Innogress, The Park promoter, has nominated Col Sanjay Vaidya (Retd), Senior Technological Expert, whose last stint includes serving as an Additional Director in DRDO, as an advisor in its Advisory Board. 

With his vast assets of Tech. expertise, he would be leading the development of Defence Robotics in the proposed ‘Greater Noida Robotics Technology Park’ (GNRTP). Joining in as an advisor on in GRTPS’s advisory board, Col Vaidya would be closely working in the development of the proposed Robotics tech park, specifically overlooking the defence related fields of robotic technology.

 On his nomination in the ‘Advisory Board’ of GNRTP, Col Vaidya expressed his thoughts on how there is a huge potential in the field of Robotics and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Technology which could be resourcefully deployed in the Indian Defence Organizations. He further stressed on the requirement of creating a holistic environment for research and development, which would further ignite young minds to actively innovate and create better solutions for tomorrow.

 Col Vaidya has commended on this platform and said, “Working for the development of Defence Robotics at GNRTP is a creative and constructive opportunity. I hope, as a team we shall be utilizing this opportunity for developing the very first ecosystems of Defence Robotics in Uttar Pradesh. This will prove to be strengthening the defence automation fields, minimising human casualties and assisting the forces to their advantage in tactical operational fronts.”

Welcoming Col. Vaidya in Advisory Board of ‘GNRTP’, Sumant Parimal, GNRTP Promoter and Partner and Chief Analyst of Innogress said “our endeavours in the development of Defence Robotics, should prove fruitful on the front line, ultimately leading to a robust system to minimise casualties and maximise the potential of our armed forces. I am ardent about the proposed segment of GNRTP where technological advancements would surely create a foundation for the development and manufacturing of defence related robotics technology.” Parimal expressed his gratitude on Col Vaidya’s on-boarding. He further added “Col Vaidya has an extensive pool of knowledge and experience in the fields of technology and its application in the defence fields. His tenure with Indian army includes working in challenging fields which looks at technical and mechanical advancements of the fleet. He has even worked with the United Nations and successfully carried out multiple tech. related tasks during peace keeping missions ensuring a smooth functioning of the organisation. It is indeed a great opportunity to be mentored by him in the area of defence robotics in Uttar Pradesh.”

 Parimal has environed GNRTP, which is the first robotics tech. park of India and for which a detailed road map has been laid out for successful development. This would create an ecosystem for world class robotics research, advancement and manufacturing. To achieve this, Parimal’s team has been working on establishing a Defence Robotics Centre of Excellence (CoE), which would open up opportunities to collaborate with various technological firms and paving ways for a possible partnership.

It has been envisaged by Innogress to capture up to 5% of the Global Market share of Robotics and ‘AI’ Technology through proposed ‘GNRTP’ ecosystem at Gr. Noida with yearly trade output value potentials up to $10 B in collaboration with partners and Tech. investors.

 At this stage ‘GNRTP’ project has opened its doors to national and international investors for investing in this strategic project through equity route.

 Recently, premier B-School of India, XLRI Jamshedpur has also decided to give its mentorship to GNRTP project and Dr Ashish K. Pani, Dean of XLRI has been also nominated as Advisor by promoter Innogress in GNRTP’s Advisory Board.