Three days before the Indian Air Force (IAF) jets launched an airstrike at Balakot in Pakistan, Arnab had sent a purported WhatsApp message claiming that it would be “bigger than a normal strike”. Pakistan Government on the other hand has claimed that proves that the Pulwama attack was ” False Flag ” operations carried out by PM Modi to get reelected but Indians Netizens have come up with more evidence to suggest that many more people had predicted the same days ahead of Balakot strikes.

Then US President Donald Trump had described as “very dangerous” the situation between India and Pakistan after the Pulwama terror attack but said he can understand New Delhi’s desire for something “very strong” as it has lost almost 50 people. This statement was made 3 days before India carried out Balakot strikes on February 23rd.

Many Prominent Defence correspondences of major new papers like from Times of India, Time Now had made similar claims before the Balakot strikes were carried out on February 26rd. Even then US National Security Adviser John Bolton then had hinted about possible retaliation from India after speaking to his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval over the phone that week.

The principal opposition party in India, Indian National Congress (INC) has called for A Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to look into alleged prior information available to Arnab on the Balakot strikes and look into its alleged leak of classified information. Many Indians Netizens wondered and mocked if Donald Trump too will be summoned by the JPC for having prior information on the Balakot strikes.

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