SOURCE: News18

A Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 fighter was damaged after a car drove into it, the Ukrainian military and local media reported. The Air Command Centre said in a statement that a car collided with the jet while it was being towed to an aircraft parking lot, resulting in a fire. It gave no more details. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are still using Soviet-designed aircraft and other military equipment, with plans to eventually move to NATO standards.

Local media reported that the fighter, based at an air base near the capital Kyiv, received significant damage to its engine and fuselage. Reports further suggest that the accident occurred when a drunk armed forces officer rammed his SUV in the jet, that was being towed away to the hanger.

The officer was driving his personal Volkswagen Touran and no clarifications has been given as to how he entered the tarmac on his personal vehicle.

The plane has received significant damages to the engine, which caused fire on the spot, further damaging the aircraft. As per reports, the damage is such that this plane will most likely be decommissioned.