DRDO developed Advanced towed artillery gun system (ATAGS) has passed Army-assisted “summer trials” technical trials in the desert conditions at Pokhran range, where ATAGS set New World record when using a long-range 155-mm HE-BB projectile hit targets at the 48kms, setting a new world record for any artillery gun system among existing systems.

According to latest media reports, ATAGS will head to Mountain trials by end of this year for which special modification will be carried out on ATAGS Prototypes where new records are expected.

ATAGS is expected to achieve new records at upcoming Mountain trials where projectiles usually travel longer due to altitude and lower drag conditions. According to Defence Expert, Ranesh Rajan speaking to, ATAGS should be able to hit the target at the 60-65kms range at such altitudes thus setting new world records even for the Mountain Conditions.

DRDO is expected to continue ATAGS trials throughout 2018-2019 and if all trials go without any hiccups then ATAGS is expected to be cleared for production by end of 2019. To fast track ATAGS trials, DRDO’s Private defense partners, Tata Power (SED) and Kalyani Group will build three more pre-production ATAGS Guns after carrying out more modifications on existing system before it goes through Army Trials in 2019.


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