Sources in DRDO have confirmed at Aero India 2017 that company is actually working on two different indigenous Air defence system based on highly successful Akash Surface to Air missile systems.

As Informed currently in development Akash 1S is upgraded Akash Mark-I missile system which will incorporate sophisticated onboard seeker replacing its current radio frequency proximity fuse used to destroy its pointed target.

Akash 1S will carry same range of 25km but will improve its lethality considerably forcing a No-escape zone for its indented target. Akash 1S stands for Akash 1 Seeker.

As informed earlier by Akash NG aka Akash MKII is the same missile with considerable improvements in range with same onboard seeker. Akash NG will have a range up to 40km and will also come with the same seeker which will be used in Akash 1S.

Akash NG will be used to fill the gap between Akash 1S and MR-SAM. NG will be used by Indian Air force to protect its semi-mobile and stationary high valued facilities and infrastructures in the front line.

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