DRDO plans to use specially designed containers to transport full assembled Nirbhay Cruise missile to Abdul Kalam Island (Wheeler Island) of ITR for next round of trials planned for in May or June.

DRDO is carrying out changes suggested by a committee that probed the earlier test failures but recent December 2016 failure was attributed to totally new kind of malfunction which prompted developed of Special Containers to transport Nirbhay Cruise missile to the Testing site.

Nirbhay last time was test-fired in December 2016 but missile changed course soon after lift off due to very high roll rate missile experienced due to a slight delay in deployment of wings due to mechanical malfunctioning in wing deployment mechanism.

DRDO after a thorough investigation has concluded that mechanical malfunctioning happened due to Human workmanship at the time of assembly of the missile at the site. DRDO usually transports missiles in Semi-knocked down conditions to the test range before it is reassembled back by engineers and scientists in the test range.

Nirbhay Cruise missile which is already under government scrutiny due to constant delays and failures badly needs successful tests to be back on the track or else could face project closure. DRDO in its attempts to marginalise risk of another mechanical malfunction will use Special Containers to transport fully assembled Nirbhay Cruise missile to the testing site.

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