The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Chairman G Sateesh Reddy recently in an interview said that the organization is moving to into Single integrated Trial system of the next-generation weapons program that will include officials from the Certification agency, User ( Army, Airforce, and Navy), and the Developmental team will now be part of the trials from the beginning of each new program so has to reduce stages of weapons development cycle and also shorten the induction and production time of the new system.

DRDO has now combined the Developmental trials that were conducted by the developmental team of the weapon project that was usually followed up by User trials that could usually take 2-3 years in each multiple phase will now be reduced to considerably due to Single integrated Trial system.

DRDO already has started this process in the Akash NG (Next Generation ) and Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QRSAM) surface to air missile system where all the officials from all the agencies (Certification, User, developmental team ) and are now part of the process from the very start and QRSAM air missile system is already cleared for production and Akash NG air missile system that started trials only this year, already has been tested in operational configuration and will be cleared for production after two-three more tests planned for in 2022.

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