The Defence Research and Development Organisation for the first time has confirmed at DefExpo 2020 that it will be in charge of the development of 4 indigenously developed Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Radar (ISTAR ) to be mounted on a Gulfstream or Bombardier platform for the Indian Air Force and National Technical Research Organization (NTRO).

IAF to meet its immediate requirement will be ordering Two Raytheon ISTAR aircraft under a government-to-government deal with US Government at an estimated cost of $1 billion. IAF has an initial requirement for 3 DRDO developed ISTAR and 1 for NTRO.

The Indian Air Force’s Two ISTAR aircraft will be supplied by Raytheon on a Gulfstream G550 business jets and it was expected that the same aircraft will be procured for the 4 indigenous ISTAR, but the Scale model displayed at the DefExpo 2020 was based on the Bombardier Global 6000 private jet.

ISTAR intercepts enemy signals and it tells the ground commander exactly which weapons he should use for a counterstrike, and where he should aim them exactly. aircraft maintains a two-way feed with all reconnaissance platforms – satellites, aircraft, UAVs, helicopters, and army ground reconnaissance vehicles. It not only sees what those multiple platforms see, but it can also direct them to change position for better results, uses its own and platforms’ countermeasures, and tells the other platform where exactly to launch weapons. It does all this automatically, the crew only set the parameters required by commanders.

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