Raksha Mantri Nirmala Sitharaman while attending Submarine Tech Exhibition at DRDO Bhawan last month was shown Scaled model of Electrical Heavyweight Torpedo (EHWT) which is a submarine-launched variant of Varunastra torpedo which already has been inducted into the Indian Navy.

EHWT aka Takshak is modified Varunastra torpedo adapted to be fired from a Submarine thus physical and technological similarities between both the missiles.

According to media reports, DRDO has asked Sindhughosh-class ( Kilo-class diesel-electric) submarines from Indian Navy to begin its trials. EHWT aka Takshak has been developed by Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) and has 95 percent indigenous content.

India is only 8th Country in the world to have its own Indigenous Torpedo program and Successful induction of Varunastra and soon followed by Takshak will be a game-changer in favor of Indian Navy which has been facing Torpedo shortages both for its surface and below surface fleet due to corruption allegations against International Torpedo manufacture.


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