State-owned Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has displayed a scale model of the Vertical Launched- Short Range Surface to Air Missile (VL-SRSAM) that is based on India’s Astra BVR-AAM but some changes in the design show that it doesn’t borrow fuselage and wings and fins section from the Astra BVR-AAM even though it is near identical to untrained eyes.

VL-SRSAM will feature an Integrated Thrust Vector Control (TVC) inside its fuselage that is not on the Astra BVR-AAM. VL-SRSAM seems to have a different wing section. Design specifications of the vertical launching system (VLS) confirm that VL-SRSAM will be getting foldable wings and fins when it is under storage inside VLS.

VL-SRSAM will provide all-weather, night and day, 360° local area air defense for its next-generation frontline warships against multiple simultaneous targets including sea-skimming anti-ship missiles, helicopters, and fast combat jets. VL-SRSAM comes with an active radar seeker and has a range of 25+km that will replace Barak-1 Point Defence Missile in all present frontline warships. Indian Air Force (IAF) is interested in a Truck-based VL-SRSAM system.

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