Note Picture is of MBDA ASRAAM

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and its associate Labs along with Indian Air Force (IAF) have started deliberation on the development of Next Generation Close Combat Missile (NGCCM) for Air force fighter jet fleet while IAF decides to arm its entire fleet with MBDA developed Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM).

Sources close to have indicated that this will be a completely new program to develop an advanced imaging infrared seeker based short-range air to air missile for upcoming 5th generation fighter jets like AMCA Mk1 and 5.5gen fighter jets like AMCA Mk2 and once specifications and air staff requirements are fixed it will reach out to the government for funds.

NGCCM might take 7-10 years to complete its developmental and testing trials before it enters production and DRDO and its labs will be tasked to develop two or three variants of different advanced imaging infrared seeker which can see well beyond the distance it can travel. NGCCM will have Lock-on-after-launch capability and Lock-on-before-launch capability along with two way data-link for increased engagement zone.

NGCCM will be able to be carried internally on weapons bays of the AMCA Mk1 and Mk2 and might also get special paint coatings for wingtip pylons deployment to reduce its radar cross-section for stealth fighter jets.

DRDO is also developing Astra BVRAAM based advanced imaging infrared seeker based on IAF feedback to have Two variants of the same missile but it won’t be Close Combat Air-to-Air missile due to which NGCCM development is been talked about. ASRAAM has been designated as the “new generation close combat missile” (NGCCM) by the Indian air force but the DRDO program might get new designation once the program is official.


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