DRDO has been carrying out Research and Development to develop a STAR (Supersonic TARget) target drones capable to hit Mach 2.4 speed to help surface warship crews practice how to detect and defeat incoming supersonic anti-ship missiles. STAR can be launched from fighter jets or Surface platforms and can also be used to train the Air Defence system of the Air force and Army.

STAR uses initially a booster in the first stage and then moves to Liquid Fuel Ramjet (LFRJ) engine in the second stage to simulate sea-skimming cruise missiles by flying faster than twice the speed of sound and as low as 12 feet off the surface of the ocean. The target drone also can simulate high-altitude cruise missile attacks that plunge at ships from higher than 30,000 feet.

The STAR is designed to help Navy ship crews learn to defend themselves against modern anti-ship missiles like the French Exocet and Chinese Anti-ship missiles and also help in research in ship-defense systems and fleet training.

STAR currently has been going through wind tunnel testing by DRDO and design changes have been made accordingly and it is expected that it will be ready by 2023-24 for demonstration trials and speculation is also that once STAR Target drone is developed as a spin-off program an Anti-Ship Missile based on STAR Technology will also be developed for Aircraft and Ship-based platform.

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