BDL, BEL and DRDO Co-developed Indigenous QR-SAM (Quick Reaction, Surface to Air Missile) with a range of 30kms is likely to be tested after the second half of this year, as per Industrial sources close to

QR-SAM Project is one of the fast-tracked projects after India scrapped plans to procure imported systems to replace ageing Quick reaction Air Defence systems in both Indian Army and Indian Navy.

QR-SAM weapon system will be a quick reaction, all weather, Canister-based network-centric capable of search on the move, track on move and fire on short halts while engaging multiple targets at ranges of about 30 km with two vehicle configuration for Area Air Defence in Army/Air force Variant.

According to the information provided to ,QR-SAM  System design has been completed and most of the sub-systems including X-Band Quad Transmit Receive Modules (QTRMs), Two Way Data Link (TWDL) onboard segment etc. are under realization.

QR-SAM) for the Indian Army will replace its Soviet-vintage OSA-AK (SA-8) and SA-6 units, while in Indian Air Force it will compliment already procured Israel developed SPYDER units and in Indian Navy, the missile will complement existing Israeli Barak-1 Air Defence systems in front-line warships.

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