Retired Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal hailed India’s Diplomatic Victory which forced China to go back to previous Status-quo allowing it a facing saving measure to back out of the standoff. Sibal also said that Doklam standoff should send a message to all Indian Neighbours (Nepal, Srilanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh ) that they should stop playing China Card against India and start respecting Indian concerns regarding its security interest.

Sibal also clarified that India had to intervene in Doklam standoff on behalf of Bhutan since we have a Security treaty with the tiny Himalayan Kingdom and also due to Security concerns around Chickens neck Corridor but India will not intervene for other Indian neighbours.

India doesn’t have similar treaties with other Indian Neighbours (Nepal and Myanmar ) and India is unlikely to intervene if Chinese Army turns up at their border or make claims to their areas in future but if it threatens Indian security scenario then India will intervene.

Sibal stressed that confident New India showed Spine to force Bully China to back off in Doklam standoff, Indian Neighbors should see it has a message that ” China Card ” will no more work against India and if Indian Security Scenario is threatened due to complicity of its neighbors then India will not shy away from taking rigid stand against them to protect its Interest .

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