Six months back French Government in its effort to clear Stored aircraft inventory graveyard initiated talks with India for the possible sale of 31 retired Anglo-French designed Jaguar Deep Strike aircraft to Indian Air force. Stored Jaguar will be cannibalized for spares and parts and are not intended to make them operational again.

Since Indian air force intends to keep Jaguar Deep Strike aircraft operational till 2034, India will be required many parts of the air-frame which get replaced over the due of time but French reportedly have also made an interesting offer on possible sale of Mirage-2000s to India.

According to a section of a media report, India has shown interest in acquiring 2 Mirage-2000 Two-seater Trainers which were lost in accidents in last few years so aid new pilot training for Mirage-2000 operations. French reportedly has offered India 40 Mirage-2000s which were retired.

It’s not clear if French offer is off Stored Mirage-2000 which were replaced by Dassault Rafale and can be put back to operational service or it was to be used for cannibalization of spares to support India’s Mirage-2000 fleet which will remain operational till 2040.

Speculation is also there that retired Mirage-2000 offered could be made of aircraft which were retired by Qatar and Brazil air force along with French air force. Since India is still testing the waters and French have a tendency of asking heavy price even for retired jets, India may or may not accept the offer.

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