The government of India has cleared development of next-generation Akash-NG Surface to Air missile at sanctioned cost of 470 crores as per government documents revealed in Parliament. Akash NG according to sources close to will have improved range of 40km.

Akash NG will also come with new radar and seeker to improve its interception capabilities. Development of NG is likely to be concluded within next two years and missile will be offered for trials.

Indigenously developed Akash Surface to Air missile already has been inducted into Indian Army and Indian Air force. 25km range Akash missile system has been also selected by Vietnam for export and few African countries to have shown interest in the Indigenously developed Akash missile system.

Akash NG will bridge the gap between Akash (25km) and MR-SAM (70km) both in Indian Army and Indian Air force. Akash missile system can intercept low-flying drones and cruise missiles and also combat jets. Akash NG project has been cleared by Government of India in September 2016.

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