According to highly reliable sources close to, ShinMaywa Industries Ltd reportedly has offered India Civilian variant of US-2 amphibious search and rescue aircraft after Indian Defence minister Manohar Parrikar refused to clear the deal for Indian Navy due to high cost of this aircraft.

Indian Navy to has reduced its requirements from 15 aircraft to just 6 after strong objection from Parrikar. Indian Navy wanted to use US-2 in search and rescue mission and also for antipiracy measures.

Inda’s Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has been working on the construction of 18 ferry terminals in six cities which can be used to move goods and people to help decongest clogged road and rail networks along with being cost-effective and environment-friendly.

ShinMaywa is positive that a civilian variant can be used ferry passengers and can use this ferry terminal has mini airports near water bodies.

US-2 is the world’s only amphibious search and rescue aircraft capable of taking off and landing in rough seas with waves as high as 3 meters.

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