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DRDO developed Unmanned Ground Attack Vehicle Capable showcased at DEFExpo 2016 is a pre-concept Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) which is at the initial stage of the development said DRDO official manning the stall to .

Unmanned Ground Attack Vehicle will be part of the future combat force to carry out tasks that would otherwise be difficult for a conventional manned vehicle. According to DRDO official actual prototype will be more rugged and will come with better off-road capabilities and will be able to carry two Light rockets or Machine Guns to be operated at Low-Intensity Conflicts .

DRDO is doing in-house research to develop a fleet of Robots which can be used in battlefields and assist troops . Proposed Unmanned Ground Attack Vehicle will be Autonomous and will be capable of  Reconnaissance & Target Identification and also Target engagement and will be able to operate in stealth around its terrain for nearly 50kms and can carry weapons weighing nearly 50kgs but the decision to use lethal force will  ultimately be under human control.

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