When Boeing announced first successful tests fight of AH-64 Apache Helicopter of Indian Air Force, Defense Enthusiasts from around the world were surprised to see Boeing’s AH-64 Apache in a new avatar and sporting a new cameo which is pretty much is an alien color to the helicopter’s three-decade-old history which is operated by over 15 countries around the world.

Defense Enthusiasts who have special interests in AH-64 Apache Helicopter cheered use of IAF’s Default Cameo also called as ” Tipnis grey”. AH-64 Apache Helicopter around the world usually sport neither US Army Helo Drab, Dark Green, Black Insignia, Sand Camo and in rare cases White color cameo

IAF’s Default Colour Scheme is usually ” Tipnis Grey ” which got its name after former air force chief who chose the precise shade. DRDO to make it much more cost effective developed locally an abrasion resistance, impact resistance, flexible special coating certified by the Center for Military Airworthiness and Certification (CEMILAC) called ‘dove grey’ which are also be used on unmanned aerial systems and helicopters currently in service.

U. S. Army Experimented Apache helicopter in an all grey color scheme but never implemented it on its fleet.


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