Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE) India’s premier establishment forArmoured vechicles in India has Invited Bids for Development and supply of 1500 hp Engine .

As per Tender documents which has gone through invited interested bidders to submit their proposals before 30 May 2017 and the Bid Opening Date will be 01-Jun-2017. Technical requirements for supply of 1500 hp Engine most probably to be used on Arjun Mk II are as below.

Specification for 1500 hp Engine

Engine Type: 12 Cylinder, 4-stroke, V-90 configuration, Turbocharged, Intercooled, DI, liquid cooled Diesel Engine

Swept Volume: 25 dm3 (minimum)
Rated Power: 1100 kW as per ISO 1585 (w/o fan)
a) Performance at 55 C ambient temperature at sea level: No power reduction allowed
b) Performance at 1000m altitude: No power reduction allowed
c) Performance at 5000m altitude: Engine should be able to operate up to 5000m altitude safely. Minimum power reduction is permissible at this altitude.

Torque backup (min) : 18% at 60%-65% of rated engine speed
Maximum allowed rated speed: 2800 rpm
Power at 50% rated speed (min) : 610 kW
Power at idling speed (min): 140 kW
SFC at peak torque speed : 210 g/ (max)
Continuous over speed: 110% of rated speed
Instantaneous over speed: 125% of rated speed

Engine Dimensions: Engine with all its constituents will have the following dimensions:
Length: 1570 mm
Width: 1025 mm
Height: 1115 mm


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