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Recent Unsuccessful missile strikes on Syria backed by the USA and its Western allies have clearly shown how vulnerable sub-sonic cruise missiles are even against a vintage Soviet-era Air Defence system and particularly will be more vulnerable to modern Air Defence system which now possesses much better interception abilities against smaller sub-sonic cruise missiles.

Yet Pakistan’s Babur and Raad cruise missiles represent a considerable threat to India now due to the adaption of this cruise missiles to complete low-cost Nuclear Triad for Pakistani Military establishments.

India’s MR-SAM, QR-SAM, and even Akash air defense interceptor have been specifically designed to defend against low-cost sub-sonic cruise missiles like Babur and Raad cruise missiles but with a possible scenario that this weapons system can also be used for Nuclear Strikes this clearly calls for a dedicated Cruise Missile Defense system in place.

As cruise missiles continue to proliferate, defenses will become more and more important in the coming years and the task of defeating cruise missiles with Interceptor missiles or directed energy weapons, such as electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons will be need of the hour.

India will need to take a call if it requires a multi-stage Cruise Missile Defense not only at vital military and Government installations but to also protect its Major Cities and key civilian facilities.

Submarine-launched Nuclear-tipped Babur Cruise missiles will allow Pakistan to target any Coastal Cities and Towns in the whole of India especially vital installation in the south India which Pakistan has in past failed to strike in previous wars due to its limited capabilities.

India will need a Cruise Missile Defense which is a not only low cost but is also effective against all upcoming cruise missiles which Pakistan might get from China including Supersonic cruise missiles.

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