As China ups the ante all across the LAC its high time India has taken steps to counter the Chinese dragon. India has started using all within its power to pressurize China, as Ladakh standoff continues to drag on. While India has banned 59 Chinese apps on account of security issues, there are other steps being taken to counter Chinese narrative.

India in order to counter the Chinese narrative has decided to boost radio transmission of its Chinese mandarin language radio programs, through All India Radio targeting the mainly Han Chinese living central and coastal China. Earlier it was 3 to 4 times a week for a 90 minute program. But now plans have been set rolling to start daily programs in Mandarin so as to allow more and more Chinese citizens to know what people n other countries think about them or what is actually happening in China We all know how China controls information, people living in one region most of times don’t know what is happening in other regions.

Also All India Radio,has decided to increase the frequency of its Tibetan language programs from alternate days to daily reportedly for more than 2 hours targeting the people living ibn Chinese occupied Tibet. However there are a few more steps that India can take to counter China on narrative or propaganda build up.

  1. All India Radio can start Chinese Cantonese language programs on daily basis targeting the Cantonese people living in South east China around Macau and Hong Kong.
  2. All India Radio should start Turki language [programs on daily basis targeting the Uighur Muslims living in Chinese occupied East Turkestan.
  3. Increase Nepali langauge and Bhutia language programprgram time daily on All India Radio.
  4. Setup high powered radio transmitters all along the borders to ensure programs on All India Radio are heard to areas as deep as possible in Chinese occupied regions and Chinese heartland.


India has lot of catching up to do with China with regards to infrastructure push and propaganda machinery, India’s All India Radio program time on Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese, Tibetan, Turki, Napali, & Bhutia languages can go a long way to help fight the information dissemination war with China. Though the above steps are baby steps a lot more needs to be done in terms investment in time, human resources, and infrastructure..


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