4. Ask Mazagaon Docks to Build 3 More Scorpenes, P75I should morphe into SSNs & Send Sindhughosh Submarines for Refit only to Hindustan Shipyard, Vizag

It’s all very well known that all 6 Scorpene submarines are about to come out of the Mazagaon docks by 2020. Common sense dictates that:-

a. After that the production line will lay idle, MoD should not repeat the mistakes with HDW submarines when after 2 submarines the expertise was lost.

b. These 3 additional submarines will keep the production line busy for at least 6 more years and allow MDL to amortise the investment on that project.

c. These 9 Scorpenes can be upgraded later in mid life upgrades to launch the SLCM version of Brahmos mini that can be launched from torpedo tubes.

d. These 9 Scorpene can also be powered by DRDO developed AIP module that may be ready by 2025 only.

e. P75I should then morph into SSNs project that is nuclear attack submarine, the requirement is for at least 12 SSNSs with 1 each to protect the 6 SSBNs/SSGNs & other 6 more patrolling the high seas.
f. People may say IN only has SSBNs & no SSGNs but fact is after the 3 Arihant class submarines next 3 submarines will be more than double the size of them.

g. Once these 3 larger boomers with minimum 12 missile launch silos capable of firing MIRVed ballistic nuke missile over 6000 kms are launched, the 3 Arihant baby boomers with juist 4 missile launch silos will be left with no nuke missiles to launch.

. As such then it will be prudent to use these baby boomers with just 4 missile silo to launch the much smaller non nuclear cruise missiles like the SLCM VL version of longest range Nirbhay that will be at least 1400 kms & the 600 kms range SLCM VL Brahmos.

i. Sending Sindhughosh submarines for Refit only to Hindustan Shipyard, Vizag should be the only thing done instead of sending them to Russia for upgrades as Hindustan Shipyard, Vizag has worked hard to acquire these upgrade skills and it will be foolish to let them waste in idle. Also it will save exchequer valuable foreign exchange.

5. Go for Double barrelled 120mm Breech Loaded Mortars for Indian Army.

Common sense dictates that its time IA opts for double barrelled 120 mm Breech Loaded Mortars. So what is the benefit many may ask, why? the reasons are pretty simple as follows:-

a. Indian Army doesnt have double barrelled 120 mm breech loaded mortars.
b. What it has is OFB E1 120mm, a muzzle loaded single barrel 120 mm mortars.
c. 1st benefit is that its double barrelled meaning double the fire power.
d. 2nd benefit is that OFB E1 120mm is static muzzle loaded mortar that needs to be carried around, that requires a man power of 8 people, and mules to carry them or the wheeled version has to be towed and install them. It also means it cant move forward with advancing army units at fast pace.
e. A highly effective, highly mobile system can be very cheap if not used as turret system.
f. On the other hand a double barrelled 120 mm breech loaded mortar that is typically installed at the back of IFV, APC, jeep can move forward with advancing army units at faster pace with double the fire power, also it doesnt need manpower to carry them.

6. Su 30 MKI are upgrade with new engines, so now is the time to get expertise in engine modification for HAL.

Su 30 MKI are up for upgrade with new engine by replacing the current 123 KN AL31 FP turbofans with 142 KN AL41F turbofans. Russia will supply the AL41F turbofans to replace the existing turbofans. Common sense dictates that:-

a. MoD and HAL should not let go of the AL31 FP turbofans, and continue to import them.

b. But what is the use many may ask. MoD & HAL & IAF can use these AL31 FP engines minus their TVC or Thrust Vector Control to re-engine the best airframes of Mig 27 currently 84 or 4 squadrons that are still flying. At Least 2 squadrons or 42 jets with newest airframes can still keep flying for next 20 years.

c. IAF has 40 older Mig23s with 95 MiG-23BN and 15 MiG-23UB (stored), while the older ones are useless the 15 MiG-23UB (stored) & at least 30 of the 95 MiG-23BN can be re-engined.

d. These 4 squadrons of Mig 27 & Mig 23 equipped with AL31 FP engines can act as tactical interdictors till the time LCA Tejas Mk2 arrives by 2030 atleast.

e. This option will HAL to tinker with an turbofan engine and gain some valuable experience in handling engines, currently HAL acts only as screw driver operator for engines as it doesn’t touch them when they come from Russia and simply puts them into Su 30 MKIs or other Russian jets.