The Indian Army in coming months is looking at placing orders for DRDO-TATA developed Wheeled Armoured Protection (WhAP) armored vehicle to be used in high altitude areas like Eastern Ladakh, weeks after it was put on the export control list by the Ministry of Defence after the armored vehicle completed its developmental trials. Indian Army owned WhAP armored vehicle has been often seen carrying out User trials in extreme conditions and high altitude areas from Ladakh to Sikkim over the years and after a recent standoff with Chinese PLA over border issues, there seems to be an urgency to get it into production. has been informed from industrial sources close that, DRDO-TATA is waiting for orders from the Indian Army and has carried out minor modifications and changes to the vehicle as requested by the Indian Army and has demonstrated most of the capabilities that the Army wanted over the years. Indian Army recently placed major orders with Mahindra Defence Systems Limited (MDS) for its Light Specialist Vehicles (LSV) and with Kalyani Group for its Kalyani M4 multi-purpose armored vehicles. has been told that next in line, Army plans to clear orders for the WhAP armored vehicle that can carry around 10 to 12 personnel and be also used as a reconnaissance vehicle, infantry carrier, or logistics carrier. Need for WhAP armored vehicle for quick movement of troops is essential and need of the hour and Army plans to open order book with nearly 200 that will be followed up with other variants that are also on offer.

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