There were reports that two vehicles with Chinese soldiers crossed the Indian border and entered the Changthang area of Nyoma block in Leh district. However, according to an ANI report, the government sources have clarified that the video doing the rounds is an old video and is a local civil issue. Government sources clarified that the matter is being dealt with by the local civil administration, and further claimed that no Chinese intruded into the Indian territory.

A senior government official told ANI, “This has not happened for the first time. This has been happening for the last several years as they are locals and roam in that area with tents, pets etc and cross border sometimes,” ANI. Sources said the matter is being dealt with by local civil authorities since it was not a military issue.

According to a Times of India report, the Chinese soldiers, who were in civilian clothes, were objecting to the local nomads allowing their cattle to graze in the area.

However, they were forced to return after strong protests from the local residents, who also informed ITBP personnel in the area. The incident reportedly occurred four-five days back.