The imagery of Chinese Naval Nuclear Attack Submarine docked at Karachi might be just a start by Chinese military planners to displace India’s predominance in the “Indian Ocean” and take over a nation who are more than willing to surrender its sovereignty in name of development.

China’s military aggression in the East China Sea and the South China Sea has lead to massive investment and development of Chinese navy which is expanding at a faster rate, Chinese military strategy is now shifting from Land –Centric to Ocean-Centric Strategy to fuel their economic and military growth.

Indian submarine trying to enter Pakistani waters which was allegedly pushed by Pakistani navy is one of the scare mongering tactics played by Pakistani establishment so that more Chinese investment can come in terms of securing Gwadar Port in Pakistan which is a crucial part of the CPEC plans.

Pakistani Navy is already getting 8 New Chinese submarines which might be equipped with long-range nuclear cruise missiles and many frigates warships, but Chinese are well aware that Indian Navy is much bigger and vastly superior in terms of firearms to be contained by Pakistani Navy if war breaks out, China will do everything to protect their investment in Gwadar port so that it is not ruined like Karachi port which was destroyed by India in 1971 war .

Chinese think tanks have already suggested stationing Aircraft carrier battle group in Indian ocean and reports that China is already building three aircraft carriers suggests that they are already implementing their plans and soon may be before 2020 a Chinese Aircraft carrier battle group might be stationed in Gwadar Base which will come has a security measure but will have alternative motives like spying on Indian warships and Indian Naval ports .

Chinese navy will also be tasked to protect China’s energy lifelines in the Arabian Sea and keep Indian Navy at Bay. Chinese Nuclear submarine is just a start before whole Chinese Aircraft carrier battle group moves into this area soon.

Indian Navy will require much attention in next decade in terms of investment, no pointing in giving feeding army and air force if the war will come from the sea for which Government of India needs to invest more in maritime offensive air power and surveillance capabilities and also develop new naval bases near Gawadar ports so that Chinese Naval warships can be kept in check and Navies operational duties in the Indian Ocean Region remains unaffected .

Indian Navy will also require more warships and Submarines and India will need to invest more in the submarine fleet today so that Navy will have sizeable underwater vessels to take on the surface fleet and Submarine fleet of China and Pakistan combined.

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