SOURCE: India Today

Soon after India Today TV broadcast an interview with Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Joseph Wu, the Chinese embassy in Delhi has lodged a protest and said this stands in violation of “One-China principle” and has lodged a strong protest.

The Chinese embassy spokesperson has also referred to Joseph Wu as the “so-called Taiwan foreign minister”.

In a letter, Ji Rong, Press Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi lodged a strong representation and firm opposition against India Today TV for providing a platform to “Taiwan DPP authority separatist activities disregarding Indian government’s long-standing position”.

“It seriously violated One-China principle and sent completely wrong message to Indian people. The Chinese Embassy in India lodges strong representation and firm opposition against India Today providing platform for Taiwan DPP authority separatist activities disregarding Indian government’s long-standing position,” said the embassy statement.

“There is but one China in the world and the Government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legitimate government representing the whole of China. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory,” the statement further said. It also added, “All countries that have diplomatic relations with China should firmly honour their commitment to One-China policy, which is also Indian government’s official standing.”

Joseph Wu spoke to India Today TV and touched upon a range of issues, including the need to create alternative supply chains to move away from hostile nations, and pitched for intelligence sharing with India.

He said, “Pressing Indians or the Indian press not to report about Taiwan’s National Day is against our value and we are very happy to see that the Indian press and the Indian friends disregarded the Chinese pressure and celebrated our National Day with us. The fact is that Taiwan is a democracy and shares the same value as Indians and we are very glad that the Indians are celebrating our national day with us.”