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Indian Air Force officials today presented parts of AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (Amraam) that were recovered near J&K’s Rajouri after the aerial engagement between the two air forces. Interestingly yesterday Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor Spokesperson Pakistan Armed Forces had denied that F-16s were part of the operations and even denied claims that one was shot down.

AIM-120 C-5 which was supplied under Contract no FA8675-05-C-0070 IN 2006 has matched official US Government contract documents as seen below. Continue reading


HAL developed Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) after clearing major High altitude cold weather trials recently is now inching closer to Initial Operational Clearance (IOC) which company has predicted will be achieved later this year by September as per information provided to LUH already has cleared cold and Hot weather trials also but few more performance trials are still pending which company plans to achieve soon.

HAL is now preparing to carry out Sea trails of LUH which once completed will grant it IOC certification which will be a major milestone which was achieved within three years of the first flight of the first LUH Prototype. Continue reading


India’s leading tyre maker MRF has confirmed at the ongoing Aero India 2019 that the company has developed wheel tyres for LCA-Tejas and Naval Mig-29K Carrier based fighter jets as per configuration provided to them and soon it will be ready to supply the first consignment once cleared for the production.

A company official at Aero India 2019 confirmed that the entire fleet of SU 30 MKI are on MRF supplied nose and main wheel tyres and wheel tyres specifically designed for LCA-Tejas will be ready for trials soon. wheel tyres developed for Mig-29K on request from Indian Navy already has gone to demonstrations and trials and MRF is expecting order confirmation from the Indian Navy soon. Continue reading


Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) will be holding several demonstrations for Military attachments of foreign embassies in India at the upcoming Aero India 2019 who have previously shown interested in procurement of the attack helicopters after program recently achieved a major milestone last month when LCH was cleared of all weapon trials.

LCH TD-4 which is near production variant of the LCH will be holding flying demonstrations for potential customers after Ministry of Defence (MOD) cleared HAL developed LCH for export. HAL will be soon be awarded a contract for 15 Limited Serial Production (LSP) of LCH at Aero India 2019 and HAL already have started work on first 7 LSPs of LCH. Continue reading


DRDO will be showcasing scaled models of Medium Weight Fighter (Tejas Mk-2) and AMCA 5th generation fighter aircraft at its pavilion at the upcoming Aero India 2019 in Bangalore. MWF which is based on predecessor Tejas Mk1 design and will be showcased for the first time after it was upgraded from its initial concept to be now classified as a Medium-Class fighter jet.

HAL recently issued RFI for the supply of Assembly jigs for the development of MWF which for the first time also confirmed major design changes and the introduction of Canards in the aircraft, but details of wing and tail dimensions along with other design changes still remained a mystery, but with showcasing of scaled model it is expected will clear final design of the aircraft. Continue reading


Former Defence Secretary Mohan Kumar recently told media that once the purchase of 126 Dassault Rafale was stalled under UPA government, Modi government had to renegotiate the deal and it was decided to go for 148 aircraft from 126 jets to 148 aircraft through the initial deal was for 36 aircraft in a fly-away status.

112 aircraft could have been made in India under transfer of technology and recent tender for supply of 114 aircraft under new tender suggests the current government is still on track to execute initial plans for the procurement of 148 jets in total. Continue reading



Boeing India has confirmed the arrival of the first batch of four Boeing CH-47F Chinook Helicopters for the Indian Air force at the Mudra Port in Gujrat and soon the helicopters will be assembled and will be ferried to Chandigarh airbase where it waits for formal induction into the airforce later in March.

Boeing had officially handed over the first Chinook transport helicopter to India at its facility in Philadelphia, US in the presence of Indian ambassador to US Harsh Shringla during the India-Chinook Transfer Ceremony. Continue reading


Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) chief General Tan Sri Affendi Buang has confirmed that Request for Information (RFI) was issued last month to Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for the supply of single-engined fighter jet under RMAF’s light combat aircraft (LCA) program.

FA-50, Tejas and JF-17 are three competitors in the race for the supply of two squadrons or 24 aircraft even though Buang refused to confirm numbers of aircraft requested by RMAF. India’s Tejas is expected to appear at Malaysia’s Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition in March from 26-30 which will allow RMAF pilots and crew to have closer look at the jet and even will be offered for trials. Continue reading



                                                                  OLD FILE PIC

The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) – Tejas SP-1 (LA-5013 ) completed its maiden flight after taking off from HAL Airport in Bangalore on 30-January-2019 piloted by Gp Capt K K Venugopal (Retd). SP-13 flew for 34 mins and landed back safely.

The LCA Tejas SP-13 is thirteen  Series Production aircraft. Last aircraft SP-14 had completed its first flight on 20-January-2019 Successfully. SP-13 which is assembled at the second LCA-Tejas production line was delayed due to which it was superseded by SP-14 by few days last month. Continue reading

SOURCE:  PARESH NAIK / FOR MY TAKE / IDRW.ORG Recent exposes on a so-called story of an Indian Army coup attempt which was first reported in 2012 revealed that Top UPA minster’s in than Indian Government were actually behind the story which made headlines in national newspaper across India to divert public attention from the major corruption allegations which the government was facing even when there was no evidence or intelligence report from IB to back such claims.

General V.K. Singh who was back then Indian Army Chief in his recent Facebook post has blasted the current president of Editors Guild of India Shekhar Gupta who he refers to as Mr. Coupta for his tactical unholy nexus with the government ministers as nothing short of treason against its own country leading to irreversible damage to the reputation of the institution only to achieve his personal objectives. Continue reading


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will explore for the first time the possibility of runway landing of rockets just as airplanes do at airports and by mid of this year, ISRO plans to Reusable Launch Vehicle – Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) will be taken to an altitude of 3 km using a Mi-26 helicopter and dropped from an angle which will allow it to glide back and make a safe landing .

RLV-TD is unmanned but is equipped with basic onboard systems that will ensure aircraft lands back on a runway as showcased in the above picture. In 2016, ISRO successfully test flew a winged experimental reusable launch vehicle (RLV) that splashed down in the sea after reaching an altitude of 65 km. Reusable launch vehicles are expected to slash the cost of space launches to almost one-tenth. Continue reading


India has issued a Navigational Area (IMO) warnings for Paradip in the Bay of Bengal for Experimental Flight Trial to take place from Integrated Test Range (ITR) from 0515-0645 for 12th and 14th of this month for a missile which has a range of less than 2000km.

It is not clear which missile system will be tested on the days mentioned above but as per sources close to, User trials of the Agni-II missile with a strike range of 2,000km will be carried out by the Army’s strategic forces command (SFC) with logistic support provided by the DRDO. Continue reading


Numerous Attempts by Indian air force (IAF) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to convince European developer and manufacturer of Meteor missiles to allow the missile system to be integrated into India’s LCA-Tejas Mk1A fighter jet has received another setback after MBDA again refused to differ from its stand taken by the company earlier on integration of long-range air to air missile on India’s Tejas Mk1A .

MBDA officials last year had told HAL and IAF that governments of European countries who own majority of the shares in the company have imposed a ban on the integration of long-range Meteor beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile on Non-European fire control radars to protect the sensitive technology of the missile system which is considered as the best Air-to-Air missile in the world. Continue reading


Falling fighter squadron strength and lack of procurement of next-generation fighter jet has not deterred Indian Air-force’s long term force projection plans to acquire at least 100 unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) by 2030 informed industrial sources close to

Indian Airforce in past has shown key interest in the procurement of over 100 Avenger UAVs from the US-based General Atomics. Avenger UAV basically is armed drone powered by a jet engine with a basic level of stealth but sources confirm to that UCAVs which are much more advanced then Armed UAVs like Avenger are to be procured as a separate addition to the unnamed platforms which IAF is keen to operate in next decade. Continue reading


Siddharth Negi joined Indian Air Force (IAF) as a Flying Officer in 2009 and rose to the rank of Squadron Leader in a very fast time in the service that he was one of the Youngest Test Pilot at the IAF’s premier Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) only the fifth such institution in the world which evaluates aircraft and systems for induction into user organizations and only selects pilots with the best of the best flying skills who are up for flying such high-risk certification missions.

It is now confirmed that heartbreaking coincidence was that Squadron Leader Siddharth Negi lost his life on his Birthday and he had just turned 31 year old but had achieved so much in the force that many of seniors believed he was destined for much higher roles in the organizations in near future and will be missed by all in fraternity. Continue reading