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Indian Ministry of Defence has cleared the proposed development of Long-Range Land Attack Cruise Missile (LRLACM) for Ship launched cruise missile for Land-based strikes for the Indian Navy which will also be adopted later for the Air force and Army variant with a range of 1000 km, just like Nirbhay Cruise missile with a hint of BrahMos speed.

Nirbhay Cruise missile program has been officially closed but the technology of seeker and booster propulsion will be carried on the LRLACM program too which includes Small Turbofan Engines (STFE) or the Manik turbofan engine for the second stage propulsion which is near identical to what now scrapped Nirbhay Cruise missile had to offer but this is where it gets interesting and separates Nirbhay from LRLACM. Continue reading


Ilya Tarasenko, CEO, MiG Corporation has confirmed that talks to sell 21 unused airframes to India is underway and has been fast-tracked under request from India recently, as both sides work to conclude a contract for the sale of currently under storage airframes of the Mig-29s and UPG Upgrade Kits to make them same as the current upgraded fleet of MiG-29UPG in Indian Air Force.

Airframes manufactured for a certain export customer were put on cold storage at various facilities of the MiG Corporation after the deal collapsed nearly 20 years ago. Complete fuselage along with wings and other airframes have been inspected by IAF Team last year and was reported back that indeed airframes have been unused and can be used to integrate into a new fighter jet back home. Continue reading


Indian Army has placed orders for 1000+ for FN SCAR-H STD 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Win caliber assault rifle from Belgian firearms company FN Herstal which has a manufacturing unit in the United States for Para (Special Forces) under Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program with the US administration. FN SCAR-H assault rifle was developed by FN Herstal for United States Special Operations Command and is known as Special forces go to assault rifle which is very effective against in Jungle War conditions.

FN SCAR-H can fire all types of 7.62mm ammunition and are made of special polymers and aluminum which makes the guns incredibly light with features like foldable buttstock and can be equipped with the FN40GL 40mm grenade launcher. Continue reading


R Madhavan, Chairman and Managing Director of Government-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) while speaking to, has said that countries first 5th generation fighter jet aircraft which is yet to be officially granted government funds will be ready for first flight in 2027 and before that a new Joint venture company will be formed between ADA, HAL and a new partner from Private defense sector company which will establish a new production line for the jet in the Defense Production Corridors to be set up in Tamil Nadu.

ADA will be the Nodal design agency under DRDO and HAL and a selected private sector company will be incharge of the production which will be listed to manufacture AMCA jets from TD (Technology Demonstrator ) stage to Prototype stage. has been informed in the past that under new Jv, No company will have majority share and HAL role will be that of the lead integrator which will oversee work done by the private supply chain and selected private player. Continue reading


IDF (Israel Defense Forces) owned Barak-8 medium-range surface-to-air missile system will be loaned to India on emergency requests for immediate deployment in the Ladakh region after India recently moved in short-range Israel’s SPYDER air defense system and Indian-made Akash SAM systems due to hectic PLAAF Helicopter and fighter jet movement in the region closer to LAC and after reports that PLA also has moved in some of the Air Defense systems in the region.

Barak 8 is an advanced LRSAM naval air-defense system jointly developed by India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in close collaboration with Israel’s IAI’s subsidiary ELTA, as well as Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. While the Indian Navy already has inducted ship-based version of the missiles which are active on three Kolkata-class stealth guided-missile destroyers but the land version of the same missile system for Air Force and Army are yet to be fully inducted. Continue reading


R Madhavan, Chairman and Managing Director of Government-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) while speaking to, has said that deal for 83 Tejas Mk1A contract between IAF and HAL will be inked by end of 2020 and aircraft deliveries will begin from early 2024 onwards and whole order will be concluded within 5 years.

Madhavan stressed that HAL has capability in place to scale up the production line if asked by IAF from 16 to 20 per annum. While the deal for 83 upgraded Tejas Mk1A with improved Avionics and Radar has been cleared for over a year now after the Price negotiation committee brought down the cost after hectic negotiation with HAL. Continue reading


Indian Airforce (IAF) has moved some of the Air defense systems at the Ladakh region as part of its forward deployment to match aggressive deployment in the region by the Chinese Army and also due to unusual air patrol movements detected by the Chinese air force. Indian media reported that IAF has moved in QRSAM Air defense systems which wrongly was attributed to Air defense systems developed by State-owned DRDO.

Information provided to is that IAF has moved 4-5 SPYDER-MR systems from its Western Borders to Ladakh region and it was not DRDO developed QRSAM Air defense system. Many Indian defense observers mistakenly said that DRDO developed the QRSAM Air defense system which is yet to begin its User trials with the Indian Army was the one which was moved to the Ladakh region by Army. Continue reading


According to a viral blog post from China, a PLA soldier named Wang Xiaobai who belonged to Xiangtan which is a prefecture-level city in the central part of Hunan province, China was one of the nameless PLA Soldier who was killed in Galwan Valley in clashes with Indian Army. The blog also says that the political commissioner of the area had requested the family of Wang Xiaobai to keep the funeral a private affair.

The family wanted to hold a Big funeral but were denied permission and were instead advised to keep the funeral a private affair. Wang’s father had requested his body being handover to the family but PLA told him due to circumstance his cremation was already done by the Army and only his ashes were to be handed over to them to be buried. Continue reading


Indian Navy’s P-8I Poseidon anti-submarine warfare aircraft was sported flying over Union Territory Ladakh possibly to carry out surveillance on the movement of Chinese troops in the area. P-8I aircraft are the most potent platform to carry out surveillance, be it sea or mountains. The aircraft can feed live-streaming data.

P-8I is equipped with a CAE Inc. (formerly Canadian Aviation Electronics) developed AN/ASQ-508A advanced integrated magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) system and a Griffon Corporation Telephonics APS-143C(V)3 multi mode aft radar. P-8I also played a vital role after the Pulwama terror attack last year and was deployed in Doklam (during the face-off) with Chinese forces in the Bhutanese Territory, which had impressed Indian Army about it capabilities for the first time. Continue reading


While Chinese officials have decided to stay mum on the casualty figures of the PLA Soldier killed in the clashes with the Indian Army in the LAC in Galwan Valley of Ladakh. CO and Two soldiers were first to be killed by PLA Soldiers and soon matter accelerated when reinforcement arrived from the Indian side and which was also backed up by second and third reinforcement from the other Chinese post stained close by.

Indian Army has confirmed that many Soldiers are still seriously injured in the clashes with PLA and many accidentally fell into Ravine while engaged in fist fight due to sub-zero temperatures we lost 17 troops due to this. According to information coming from reports suggested that ridge, where the fight was taking place, collapsed due to which small landscape pushed many of the PLA soldiers into the rocky area due to which casualties on PLA Side were much higher. Continue reading


World Sikh Parliament (WSP) has written a letter to Uk’s Prime minister urging him to put pressure on his counterpart to grant self-determination in the Punjab state of India for separate Sikh homeland called ” Khalistan “. The letter stresses on some undisclosed International Law under which they have the right to call for the creation of Khalistan in the Indian state of Punjab while being Non-residents of the state they claim to represent.

World Sikh Parliament (WSP) also called for UNSC members and some major European countries to ask India to allow self-determination in Punjab, Kashmir, Nagaland, Assam, and Manipur who they claim want to opt-out of India. Continue reading


HAL chairman R Madhavan has told that final contract for 15 limited series production (LSP) HAL designed Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) multi-role combat helicopter is in the final leg and as soon as the contract is linked, all 15 LCH Helicopters will be delivered by 2021-22 timeframe as HAL already has developed 9 frames of LCH before the contract was inked with its internal fund and assembly and integration work will be completed in next six months and the first batch will be ready to induction by early or mid-2021 onwards.

In 2017, Late Defence Minister Arun Jaitley had inaugurated the new Bengaluru helicopter complex for the production of the indigenous design Light Combat Helicopter (LCH). In 2016, the defence ministry had cleared a Rs 2,911-crore procurement of 15 LCHs as a “limited series production” (LSP) order but the final contract was never executed. Continue reading


Baba Kalyani, Managing Director of Bharat Forge in an interview with Nitin Gokhale for has said that it’s his dream to develop an indigenous jet engine for the air force. he also said that the Public-Private consortium of 5-6 companies who have experience and technology to develop a jet engine can come together to develop an afterburning turbofan engine in 7 years.

Bharat Forge is already manufacturing performance parts and components for many aero-engine manufacturers like Rolls Royce and the company has gained tremendous experience in Metallurgy but a Public-Private consortium can help develop an engine at a much faster rate added Kalyani. Continue reading


Panic gripped Pakistan’s Karachi as Pakistan Air Force (PAF) fighter jets hovered in the sky late night on Tuesday. Pakistani OSNIT Community has claimed that Indian Air Force (IAF) Combat air Patrol nears Rajasthan and along Line of Control in Kashmir what prompted PAF to scramble their JF-17s from PAF Base Masroor.

Wajahat Kazmi an Independent Journalist claimed in his Tweet at midnight that “It’s probably after 27th Feb 2019 that I have heard so many PAF jets patrolling the sky. I hope nothing serious is happening or expected to happen” Another Pakistani Journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan in his tweet where he tagged the High Commission of India in Islamabad and asked for clarification. ” Dear @IndiainPakistan, rumors are rife about Indian Air Force incursions into Pakistan-administered Kashmir and the Sindh-Rajasthan sector. Recommend you put out a statement to clarify. Also, recommend that everybody chill and enjoy the week. ” Continue reading


Ahead of India’s election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (UNSC) later this month, Pakistan’s oldest read English-language newspaper ” Dawn ” has said that Raising Kashmir issue at UN Security Council (UNSC) will become more challenging due to India’s entry and also said that India’s election could pose a serious challenge for Pakistan, particularly its advocacy for Kashmir, which is under India.

Pakistani diplomats who spoke to DAWN Reporters have said that it could become harder to initiate a discussion on the situation in Kashmir, much less an exclusive meeting like the one held on Aug 16, 2019. India, they feared, could exercise greater influence on the sanctions regime. Continue reading