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Earlier this year India air force and Royal Air-force were pitted against each other in Joint Air and Ground Exercise Indradhush. 4 Sukhoi-30MKI aircrafts of No 2 Squadron ” Winged Arrows ” based at Air force base in Tezpur Assam flew all the way to United kingdom for combined exercise against Eurofighter Typhoons.

Two-week long exercises by Indian contingent of 4 Sukhoi-30MKI aircrafts and 185 Personnel’s saw accomplishment of different missions between IAF and RAF but much stressed were laid on Air defence Missions both in BVR and WVR exercises which progressed from one versus one DACT to Two versus then even to large fixed formation flying which saw almost 20 aircrafts . Continue reading


Pakistan Foreign office has confirmed what has been whispered for long by Pakistani establishments that it has developed low-yield tactical nukes just in case India decides to send in their Army to attack Pakistan in the case of another Mumbai-style attack ever happens on Indian Soil directly or indirectly backed by Pakistani Rogue Military or Intelligent establishments.

Pakistani military establishment believes that Tactical nukes along with Battlefield missiles like Nasr will allow Army Area commander to effectively neutralise advancing Numerically superior Indian Army thus preventing a full-scale war. Continue reading


Time and again US officials have repeatedly said that the United States and India are strategic Partners and how keen they are in Jointly developing Defence equipment to Strengthen Indian Military to counter the rise of China in Asia.

Other than usual Pep talks India and the United States have over the years have not initiated any major Joint weapons development nor have agreed to share Transfer of Technology on many key weapons systems which New Delhi had requested over the years. Continue reading


Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna

If you ever Visited Aero India in last decade or so there are high chances that you might have seen witnessed a sterling Tejas demonstration flight performed by this man . if you are lucky enough you might have also had brief opportunity to catch up with Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna who is also known has Mr. LCA by supporters of the LCA-Tejas program.

Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna is only Test Pilot who has been flying various Tejas Aircrafts for more than a decade now and officially joined ADA in 2001 was piloting Chase Mirage-2000 aircraft, when first LCA Prototype TD-1 made its first flight. Continue reading


Cartoon drawn by Mohit Jayal which was published on December 1995 shows how Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Program even in its early days had more critics than supporters. 

As soon as Air Chief confirmed to the reporters that IAF indeed will place orders for more than 120 Tejas MK-1 aircrafts in its current configurations, One particular International news agency’s from its Indian bureau in Delhi fired the first salvo against Countries Tejas Program by ridiculing Air-forces decisions to order what they reported was a flawed aircraft and also Questioned logic behind not going for larger orders of French Rafale fighter jet .

Attack from International News Agencies on India’s LCA-Tejas Program seems to have ruffled some feathers in International Arms lobby group which seem to be worried about new-found love by IAF for Indigenous Aircraft types and its future plans which involves development and supporting indigenous types like Tejas MK-2 and AMCA to meet future needs of the air force. Continue reading


For long Indian Air force (IAF) has been ridiculed as Imported Air force (IAF) which always makes the best case to Import crucial types of equipment like fighter jet rather than supporting indigenous route in product development to meet its requirements.

While IAF is partially at fault but it always can’t be blamed for failures of our government-owned Public sector companies which time and again have failed to deliver Ingeniously equipment as per delivery schedules and without cost overruns with desired quality requested by forces. Continue reading


India’s effort to build its first 5th generation fighter Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) is all set to go official later this year. Ministry of Defense (MOD) in coming months will sanction funds for Phase-1 of the development of AMCA to start.

M-MRCA debacle and current negotiation for only two squadrons of Rafale fighter jet with France means Indian air forces declining combat strength will also fast track due to lack of intakes of newer aircrafts. Continue reading

SOURCE: Arghya Patnaik  / FOR MY TAKE / IDRW.ORG

India’s former Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee had once said, “You can choose friends, but you cannot choose neighbours.” This sums up the unenviable situation which India finds itself in. Ever since two dominions- India and Pakistan were born on the midnight of 15th August, 1947, there has been no love lost between the two nations. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has always been a bone of contention between two countries and has even led to three wars- in 1947, 1965 and 1999.

This has been the focal point of almost all conflicts, with both nations refusing to cede ground. Meanwhile, as most of Jammu and Kashmir continues to be a part of the Indian Union, Pakistan continues with its policy of ‘Bleeding India through a thousand cuts’, that is, fermenting terrorism against the Indian state to make up for its deficiency in conventional military prowess. Thus, India’s relations with Pakistan, at best, can be described as volatile or worse. India’s is the world’s largest democracy. Continue reading


As war rages in the streets of Syria and refugee influx in Europe breaking all barriers, a precarious crisis is fast emerging on the horizon. Europe is flooded with almost 4 million refugees and this reminds me of the situation India faced during 1971, when Tikam Khan in the garb of Operation Searchlight massacred around a million Bengalis. India responded with both humane and firm approach teaching Pakistan the right lesson and emancipating Bangladesh from Pak tyranny. But, the refugee issue not only remained unsolved but continues to haunt us till date. Continue reading


A Recent attack on Pakistani air force Camp near Peshawar which had 43 casualties including 13 Terrorist has again exposed repeated attacks on Pakistani military establishment which they have failed to stop over the years even with heighten security in around the many Military premises .

While Pakistani media as usual was quick to find Afghan-Indian Military Intelligence establishment links into recent attacks like it did with all other attacks what remains astonishing and hard hitting fact is that many attacks on highly fortified and secured Military installations have been very successful and have been able to inflict heavy damages to Pakistani military establishments assets . Continue reading


According to latest Military Industrial reports United states dominates with 46 % Market Share of Armed Military helicopters in the world. Us made Textron Bell AH-1 Cobra, Textron Bell OH-58 Kiowa and Boeing AH-64 Apache at present make up 18-19 % of that market share with each helicopter having Production run of more than 1000 units, which pretty much will keep United states in the lead for next few decades to come, even though two of the earlier mentioned helicopters are no longer in production .

Textron Bell AH-1 Cobra and Textron Bell OH-58 Kiowa both described as Light attack helicopters had a combined production run for more than 2100 helicopters which will need replacements by their respective users in next a decade or two and United states is replacing their current fleet with more expensive and heavier Boeing AH-64 Apache leaves plenty for others to fill up the void. Continue reading


Defence Analyst Ranesh Rajan told that recent decision by the Indian government to approve procurement of ten missile-armed Israeli-made Heron TP reflects a change in military mindset on the controversial weapons systems and on its usage.

Heron TP which is a medium-altitude, long endurance UAV is produced by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), which can be airborne for a maximum flight time of around 36 hours and can 1000kg Air-to-Ground ammunition’s /missiles which can be deployed in counter-insurgency/terrorism operations . Continue reading


In Chinese mythology, the duel between fire and water is described as one of wits. It was a contest between equals, a contest for supremacy, one that was seemingly stuck in a deadlock, only till water decided to transform and claim the stakes once and for all. Water, in all its wisdom , transformed into ice, assuming that its new found form, will intimidate fire into submission.

On the contrary, fire was able to melt water down and win the battle. Thus, this story proves that change must come with some analysis. A mere transformation may not always help us prevail over our enemies; objectivity and reason can help us prepare better. In the midst of the Gurdaspur attacks, police personnel were seen swarming the place, dressed in high tech attire and carrying Israeli Tavors, but like ice, their transformation was inadequate. They lacked basic head gear and other protective equipments that could have served them better. However, a combination of pure luck with their well executed combing operation ensured that the stand-off ended without any tragedy. Continue reading


Like most of Indian Soap opera which run for years, or even decades with mindless twist and turns and few surprises Procurement of fighter aircraft for Indian air force also generates the same level of excitement over the Internet, with many defence experts and pundits throwing in their own suggestions and national media quoting their so called sources and try their best to keep spinning new stories with so-called leaks.

Spectacle tendering process, nail-biting selection procedures heated debates over national media and on various defence forums all play perfectly in the public arena with zero results at the end of whole tamasha. Continue reading


According to latest media report, Indian air force is contemplating ordering 3 Squadrons of Russian variant of 5th generation fighter jet off the shelf while negotiation to develop Customized variant based dubbed Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA).

Indian air force had projected requirements of 8 Squadrons (144 aircrafts) of FGFA, but constant delays in drafting final $11billionresearch and development (R&D) agreement for FGFA which have been dragging on for years now due to disagreements over Price and work share agreements have already led to considerable delays in the project. Continue reading

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