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Lack of modern fighter fleet and with no advance aerospace industrial ecosystem in the country to fall back on, Pakistani air force (PAF ) is fast limiting its self to two or three type of fighters to meet all its operational roles in the region, but that has not stopped PAF from initiating ” Project Azm ” under which top military planners of the PAF say will lead to the development of a first 5th generation fighter aircraft based out of its requirement to meet its future requirements.

Under ” Project Azm “, PAF wants its local universities and public sector companies to develop systems and sub-systems which ultimately can be used on a 5th generation fighter aircraft but there is clearly lack of any clarity if the aircraft devised under ” Project Azm ” will be fully developed locally from the scratch, which seems highly unlikely due to lack of infrastructure and aerospace ecosystem in the country to support such an ambitious project but also due to super ambitious timeline of 10-12 years which even an established aerospace giant will have difficulty meeting. Continue reading


Indian Army has declared that Russian firm’s Igla-S system as the winner of Very-Short-Range Air Defence, or VSHORAD program after nearly 8 years of tendering and trial process from various international vendors. Russian made Igla-S air defense systems with man-portable systems will be replacing its predecessor Igla-M which has been with India armed forces from the early ’80s.

France-led consortium MBDA and Swedish Saab Group which were other participating vendors in the VSHORAD program previously have complained to the Indian defense establishment that the Russians were given too many chances and the Russian weapon system was given undue advantages even when the weapon system failed to intercept targets in Indian conditions several times due to malfunctions. Continue reading


The enhanced capabilities in the Rafale fighters sought by India will see 14 India Specific Enhancements Exclusive to be incorporated to India bound 36 Rafale fighter jets which will be added by the company once the delivery of all the jets is completed by 2022.

14 India Specific Enhancements for India bound Rafale fighter jets have been listed out

1) Upgraded Sigma 95N INS: A Hybrid inertial navigation/GPS system used on the Dassault Rafale fighter jets will now support Indian developed Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS ) also called as NAVIC which provides accurate real-time positioning and timing services for India and a region extending 1,500 km around it. Continue reading


Delivery and Production of the Kalvari class diesel-electric attack submarines based on the Scorpène-class submarine have been back on track in the last few years, yet procurement process to acquire six next-generation diesel-electric attack submarines with Air-independent propulsion (AIP) modules for enhanced underwater patrolling capacity is literally moving at snail’s pace while Prime Minister Narendra Modi inches closer to complete his 5 years in power.

Assuming that Narendra Modi is back in Power in 2019 and Project-75I is executed as planned between Public and Private sector shipyards in the country, will it again face scam allegation based on the interpretation of the immature leader of the opposition who may again question the multi-billion worth of contract to a private company over a public sector company ?. Continue reading


The Chief of the Naval Staff Sunil Lanba while speaking to a media outlet, revealed that development of Indian nuclear attack submarine project which was sanctioned only earlier this year will take over 10 years to mature and as per latest media reports, Indian Navy has been told to fast-track the development and deliver the first submarine in less than 15 years from now.

Navy’s submarine design bureau which is in charge of the design and development of Six classified nuclear attack submarine project is still working out on staff requirements of the submarines and evaluating technological challenges with all stakeholders before it starts work on the design. Continue reading


Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal B.S.Dhanoa, while addressing the annual press conference ahead of the October 8 Air Force Day spoke in great length of Indian air force’s future induction and the up gradation of the existing aircrafts, while Speaking on the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas, Dhanoa informed that IAF has a plan for induction of 231 LCA which will include four squadrons (83) LCA Mk-1A and six squadrons (108) of Mk-II. LCA is being manufactured by HAL. IAF is expecting delivery of the Mk-1A to begin around 2021/22. The development of the LCA Mk-II is under progress.

Former DRDO Chief S. Christopher In a submission made to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence for additional funds to develop the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Mk2 had requested additional 800 crore for work on the LCA Mk2, also, said that the Indian Air Force (IAF) had committed itself to 201 LCA Mk2, in addition to the 123 LCA Mk1/1A or order or being contemplated at the moment. The naval LCA was also intended to be based on the LCA Mk2. Continue reading


The creation of Pakistan in 1947 was a disaster of human civilization. It was born to stab India in the guise of modern era Ghazni & Ghoris whom we consider as Jihadists. Pakistanis always have a motive to bleed India through thousands cuts & occupy the crown of Delhi for Ghazwa-e-Hind to book direct flight to Heaven for 72 Virgins. the nation of 200 million who eat grass, donkey meat & lives on begging money or so-called aids are now-a-days dreaming to confront with a muscular nation of 1.35 billion population. Pakistani Punjabi attitude of insolvency & flippancy are not gone to change until unless India cut them into 4 pieces & make them landlocked.

Generally, Pakistani Punjab is the core of Anti-India & Anti-Hindu propaganda. The best way to examine these sentiments is YouTube. On one hand, Pakistanis are putting all blames on India for failure of their nation while on the other hand they are rendering reaction videos on India centric info to earn money through google AdSense. They are unable to acknowledge the failure of their nation which left only option for them to abase India. After coming of Modi gov in 2014, Pakistani seem to have shared a great chemistry with our PM. Thanks to PM MODI, India has made Pakistan economically & diplomatically isolated in international arenas & let their army to bear more causalities if a single bullet fires against India on LOC. Continue reading


Admiral Sunil Lanba Speaking to the media again has repeated his previous statement where he asserted that the Naval version of the indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) does not meet the qualitative requirements of the Indian Navy.

Naval LCA which is based on the IAF’s MK1 LCA-Tejas air-frame design was always meant to be tech demonstrator for a new upcoming deck-based fighter aircraft due to which ADA was commissioned to develop MK-2 aircraft with more powerful engines along with more advanced avionics and systems which will make it a truly a carrier-based aircraft which can patrol the skies of Indian ocean. Continue reading



In Mid of this year, In an event of L&T Defence at its facility at PMSC Coimbatore first glimpses of Next Generation Akash which will soon begin its developmental trials by mid of next year. Akash-NG sports radical new design minus four long tube ramjet inlet ducts which are seen in the older Akash1 and Akash-1S.

Learning from its expertise in the development of Indo-Israeli MR-SAM and LR-SAM air defense system, dual pulse solid propulsion and indigenous Active radar seeker which, backed by an Aesa Radar will be a leap of generation of the Search and Track technology currently used by the Akash-1 and Akash-1S Air Defence system. Continue reading


Five years ago General Electric of the US bagged the hotly contested $800-million tender to supply 99 engines for India’s Tejas light combat aircraft (LCA). Engine selected was F414-GE-INS6 which generates 99kN of Thrust which was supposed to make it into India’s Tejas Mk-2 Concept which was just the enlarged variant of the basic Mk-1 design but the Mk-2 concept has evolved in the last few years and now will be classified as a Medium Category fighter jet with higher maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) which is closer to a Mirage-2000.

Thrust levels in the F414-GE-INS6 engine according to experts still have the ideal thrust levels to comfortable power a 13-tonne aircraft with all the weapons and fuel but IAF is counting big on the Mk2 to replace the whole bunch of the mid-medium tier aircraft like Jaguars, Mig-29 and Mirage-2000s which will also mean it will require more thrust over the years since it will be in the force for next 40 years or so. Continue reading


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Amid political bickering in India over the purchase of the 36 Rafale fighter jets, RB 008 a Twin Seater Made-For-India Rafale fighter jet successfully completed its first flight as per media reports on 30th October from Dassault Facility in France.

RB 008 Rafale which stands for Air Marshal Rakesh Bhadauri who was instrumental in price negotiation committee may be the first aircraft to manufactured for India but will be retained in France and only will be delivered with the last batch in 2022 and since it will act as a platform upon which will be used to test India specific enhancements for Indian air force . Continue reading


Completion of INS Arihant’s first Fully combat Deterrence Patrol comes as a major boost to India’s Nuclear planners and establishes country’s Nuclear Triad in place for the time being where India can claim that a Nuclear weapon can be delivered from Land, Air, and Sea wherever required.

The last leg which was the Nuclear delivery system from the Sea of the nuclear triad was the most difficult and also most challenging because of the launch platform and underwater firing long-range missiles which had to be developed, perfected and tested several times to make them reliable before it was ready for deterrence patrol in the high seas. Continue reading



HAL has re-clarified and has confirmed that its Bangalore LCA-Tejas Production line will produce 16 aircraft per annum and Nashik Plant which currently produces 12-15 Sukhoi-30MKI will make the transaction from Su-30 to LCA-Tejas 1A after a final contract is reached with Indian Air force for 83 upgraded LCA-Tejas 1A.

Nashik Plant according to Industrial experts can further argument total LCA-Tejas Production capability to beyond 24 per year if there is further scope for expansion of orders for LCA-Tejas beyond 123 (40+83) in near future. Opening up of the Nashik Plant for 3rd line of LCA-Tejas production will come has handy for HAL in a possible production run of 201 LCA-Tejas MK-2 which increasing has been speculated off late will land up with a private sector company. Continue reading


After news started to trickle in, that India’s first Nuclear Ballistic missile Submarine INS Arihant completed its first deterrence patrol with active Nuclear weapons along with its launch system. Pakistan’s oldest, leading and most widely read English-language newspaper Dawn reacting to the news said that Pakistani Nuclear triad was in place from 2017 and India was late to the party.

Dawn made reference to the Submarine launch of Babur Sub-sonic Cruise missile which was tested from an unknown undersea launch platform which till today remains a mystery and as per Indian Intelligence agency was a Chinese conventional submarine which was loaned to Pakistan with Chinese Crew only for the trials of the sub-sonic cruise missile. Continue reading


A Few weeks ago, I found out a Bizarre article On My Take by a great individual who put all the blames on current BJP gov for the loopholes in Indian military & it’s preparedness. Such people are unable to digest the truth of difference between 55 years of Congress rule & 5 years of Narendra Modi’s rule. Nothing is wrong being inspired by Politicians like Rahul Gandhi (PAPU) but before pointing figures towards anyone, you need an insight.

I agree, there are some cracks in the current gov. but this gov isn’t like the previous UPA gov which enjoyed 10 years of Honeymoon period with the State of Pakistan through AMAN KI ASHA in spite of being hammered by Bleed India Through Thousand Cuts Activities. The people who rides BMW,Audi eat Italian Burger,Plans to buy VVIP Chopper & didn’t even provide a home/toilet to Poor for 70 years are now-a-days talking about failures of Modi gov in defence sector. Continue reading