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After carrying out years of Internal In-house research to develop technology required for India’s first Stealth Fighter aircraft Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA), DRDO is all set to brief Defence minister Manohar Parrikar about the project and seek first official grant of $4 Billion from the government to start first phase of development which will involve development of Two Technological Demonstrator (TD) aircrafts and later Prototypes .

According to report prepared by Prominent Journalist “Ajai Shukla ” Dr S Christopher DRDO Chief will be first briefed about the Project and similar briefing has also been sought by Defence minister Manohar Parrikar before AMCA Project gets Green Singal from Government and Offical funding . Continue reading

SOURCE: Vinayak Shetty / IDRW.ORG

Top Original MCA stretches, Below Final Design of AMCA 

Concept to develop a twin-engine fighter aircraft post LCA project can be tracked back to late 90’s when first stretches of Medium combat aircraft (MCA) emerged which back then was a tailless delta design with two engines, combined with a thrust vectoring control capability.

Aircraft was designed keeping in mind LCA-Tejas Delta wings and was a direct derivative from LCA, as per original idea it was supposed to have maximum spares and design commodity with Tejas at that time. The main purpose was to replace the aging Jaguar & MiG-27 fleet from the Indian Air force, original design weight was supposed to be less than 20 ton. Continue reading


Under Defence Technology and Trade Initiative, (DTTI) talks Washington had agreed to assist Delhi in sharing, designing and developing jet engines for aircraft but now reports are emerging that half-hearted Americans are slowly backtracking on such proposals .

India under DTTI agreements with the United States wanted to acquire and develop New engines for its 5th generation AMCA fighter jet project. DRDO had a specific requirements for a new engine which can generate 110kN of thrust, since it is Fighter specific requirement there is No off the shelf engine available to meet such requirements unless engine is uprated to deliver required thrust asked by Developers of AMCA. Continue reading


According to report prepared by a prominent journalist ” Ajai Shukla ” General Electric will supply the first batch of F414-INS6 engines to power Tejas Mk II Light Combat Aircraft later this year in September.

General Electric F414-INS6 is a variant of F414 engines which power American F-18 Super hornet fighter jets has been modified to add enhanced safety features for operations on single engine fighter jet like Tejas MK-II. Continue reading


Boeing official have confirmed that they have held talks with Indian defence officials on further orders for their maritime intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance aircraft P-8I aircraft already been inducted into Indian Navy.In 2009 Indian navy ordered 8 P-8I anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircrafts from Boeing. The original contract also had option to further add 4 more aircrafts as follow up the order .

Boing has delivered 6 aircrafts to India navy till date and 7th and 8th aircraft delivery schedule are on the timeline and will be handed over to India Navy by end of 2015 thus completing the order said Boeing official . Continue reading


First Introduced in 2002 in Indian Air force and now considered the backbone of IAF fighter fleet, Sukhoi-30MKI will soon undergo up-gradation to remain relevant to future air warfare.

India and Russia have started discussing to upgrade aircraft with added characteristics of fifth-generation aircraft to convert it into a “Super Sukhoi”. India plans to start upgrading Sukhoi in Phase wise to Super Sukhoi Standard by 2020 and in first phase first 80 aircrafts delivered to Indian air force will be selected for such upgrades. Continue reading


Outgoing ADE Chief P S Subramanyam who retired on the last day of June has confirmed that the development of Tejas MK-II is on track and first flight of MK-II will happen  in 2018 or early 2019 per earlier timeline.

Tejas Mark II will have a powerful new General Electric F-414 engine and advanced avionics with new cockpit layout. Preliminary design of the Tejas Mark II fuselage is already frozen and assembling of first aircraft should start from later next year said sources close to Continue reading


Named after Mythical thunderbolt weapon of Lord Indra ” Vajra”, Indian air force Mirage-2000s have completed 30 years in Indian air force this year. the first batch of 7 Mirage-2000H (KF102,103,104,106,113 and 114) made the first touchdown on Indian soil at Jamnagar airbase on 26th June 1985.

Start of a Journey

Government of India in 1982 placed orders for 40 Mirage-2000 with the french company Dassault for the supply of 36 Single-seat aircrafts along with 4 trainer variants. India was also the first export customer of the newly developed 4th generation French fighter jet. Continue reading


Indo-Israeli long-range surface-to-air missile (LR-SAM) is all set to be test fired from India’s largest Stealth destroyer INS Kolkata in coming months.

LR-SAM missiles are currently been loaded into INS Kolkata and Navy plans to test the new missile system in its normal operational configuration, which means Navy will not wait for Monson season to get over and missile will be tested by September or October at the most and in its very first test it will intercept missile fired from another warship. Continue reading


Baba Kalyani Chairman of Kalyani Group which has recently made foray into defence manufacturing told in his recent Interview to National Media, that Kalyani Strategic Systems which has developed long-range 155mm/52 calibre “Bharat-52” Gun and ultra-light Garuda 105 are ready for weapons trials and if ordered by Indian Army can enter production withing one month . in its previous report (READ :Kalyani Group to tests its Artillery guns) had confirmed that Kalyani Group has got Central government clearance to test its indigenous developed Bharat-52 and Garuda-105 artillery systems in Army field range in the country. Continue reading


Integration of Russian-made Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23 twin-barreled 23 mm auto-cannon which is an important requirement needed for certification on Tejas MK-1 before Full Operational Capability or Final Operational Capability ( FOC) certification can be granted to LCA-Tejas has been completed.

Double-barreled aircraft gun reportedly has cleared all Ground based weapons trials on board LCA Tejas aircraft and will soon start Gun testing while aircraft is in operational flight. Continue reading


Indian Navy has received 33 Mig-29K and by end of this year 6 more carrier-based MiG-29K/KUB fighters will be supplied by Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (RAC MiG) and the last of 6 fighter jets will be supplied in 2016 completing second contract for delivery of 29 Mig-29K fighter jets ordered by Indian Navy in 2010 .

First contract for delivery of 16 multi-role carrier-based MiG-29K/KUB fighters to India was signed in January 2004, and due to delays in delivery of Russian modified INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier, Mig-29K were largely based in Naval INS Hansa airbase in Goa till the Aircraft carrier was inducted in 2013. Continue reading


What started off as a Technological demonstrator program for bigger HALE (high altitude, long endurance) UAV, which was later converted into full fledged Medium-altitude long-endurance UAV (MALE UAV) project on recommendation of Indian Army , might actually serve Indian Navy first .

Recently Rustom-1 with the new improved engine too off and completed its first flight. the more powerful engine was installed in the Rustom-1 on request of the Indian navy, which will enable it to fly in rough weather conditions over the sea. Continue reading


Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultquist offer of selling India its next generation Gripen fighter aircraft to India under a government-to-government deal has got a cold response from India’s Ministry of defence (MOD) and Indian air force (IAF).

While Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar gave visiting Counterpart Peter Hultquist a patient hearing on Sweden Gripen offer. IAF top brass have given it a cold shoulder said sources close to Continue reading


When Dr. Harsh Vardhan who is the incumbent minister at Ministry of Science and Technology was asked status of 14-seater Saras, the Light Transport Aircraft being developed by the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) , he responded by saying ” I have no clue ” .

After the horrific crash of March 2009 were Two airforce test pilots and one Flight engineer were killed, Saras was grounded by India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).NAL after the crash had built a re-engined and modified version of the 14-seater Saras, but it was still overweight from its target weight and DGCA and review board refused to clear it again for flying to carry out for further testing. Continue reading

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