World’s largest seaplane was recently unveiled by Chinese state-owned company Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) which many Strategic experts predict could be game changer for Chinese military in South China sea even though Chinese media as dubbed it has Search and Rescue plane and can also be used as fire-fighting freighter plane to fight forest fires.

AG600 is about the size of a Boeing 737 and can be easily converted to a maritime platform for Chinese military and be used as anti-submarine warfare (ASW) or as an Electronic intelligence (ELINT) aircraft to spy on Warships moving around South China sea or in IOR region . Continue reading


India’s much-awaited membership in the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) happened last month when India formally joined MTCR as the 35th member on June 27 . the immediate advantage of India joining MTCR regime will mean that it can buy systems and subsystems which can be used to deliver weapons beyond 300km and can use this component to build weapons which can be used to deliver conventionally and weapons of mass destruction over 500kgs to its target .

Immediate benefits of India’s MTCR membership highlighted by media reports is that India can now acquire HALE class Combat Drones from other MTCR countries and can also source many of the components and other systems used in such drones from members to develop India’s very own home-grown weapon systems , opening up wide range of possibilities for collaboration in terms of weapons delivering platforms without severe restrictions imposed earlier on India. Continue reading


Cobham supplied In-flight refuelling probe for  LCA-Tejas MK-1

A nearly year ago UK based Company “Cobham” handed over in-flight refuelling probe for integration with LCA-Tejas MK-1 and now HAL is planning to start the first trial runs in next few weeks said informed sources close to .

Limited Series Production-8 (LSP-8) stopped flying from January this year and has been already integrated with supplied in-flight refuelling probe and land-based trials have been carried out after structural modification were performed on LSP-8 for probe integration which also saw software upgrades to enable fuel sensors to detect mid-air fuel supply and to show correct fuel capacity to pilots. Continue reading


India and Russia are back to the negotiation table and are currently discussing developing an upgrade package for India’s frontline Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets which will keep it fighting fit against emerging threats for next two decades to come and carry on to be a formidable combat platform in Indian Air Force .

India is also working with Russians in the development of 5th generation Stealth fighter jet based on T-50 design and also negotiating with France for the purchase of expensive Rafale fighter jets . India also has plans to procure one more 4++ Generation fighter jet platform and also is keen to develop indigenous multirole 5th generation fighter jets AMCA. Continue reading


Section of Indian media reports is claiming that Government of India will soon announce the successor of Kaveri engine program by the end of this year . The proposed new engine will be used to power LCA-Tejas MK-1A in next three years, Government is also likely to clear fresh investment of Rs 2,600 crore to develop the successor engine which will still incorporate many of the technologies already developed for Kaveri engine, to shorten its development time .

It is not clear if French Rafale offset offer to help India develop turbofan engine with 90kN thrust class will be accepted by Indian defence ministry but after reviewing and holding discussions with all stakeholders Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is likely to take call said a well-informed source close to . Continue reading


According to a report prepared by Financial Express , after Lockheed Martin failed to create Indian interest in their legacy F-16 fighter jets , is currently preparing to offer its latest 5th generation F-35A to Indian Air force to meet its requirements for 90 combat fighter jets above 36 Rafale fighter jets currently been negotiated with France .

The report also mentions that India has officially turned down ” Make in India ” F-16 offer from Lockheed Martin and is currently going through proposals submitted by Swedish SAAB for their Gripen E and American Boeing’s F-18s combat fighter jets with Transfer of Technology to be made in India . Continue reading


European aerospace giant Airbus couple of months ago offered to help develop the Mark II version of India’s Light Combat Aircraft (LCA MkII) and also set up a manufacturing hub in India . Swedish Company SAAB too is also reportedly in talks with India for the same role but the Indian government is yet to select an Industrial partner in the development of Mark II LCA .

But a new concept by European aerospace giant Airbus for the development of a twin seater next generation fighter jet as a possible replacement for the Tornado fighters currently flown by Germany’s Luftwaffe should interest India . Continue reading


India’s first indigenous nuclear submarine, INS Arihant might have quietly gone into operational service hints latest buzz among media houses .

INS Arihant had started undergoing sea acceptance trials and will be inducted without much fanfare under presume instructions from National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval who for long wanted a blanket ban on media coverage regarding INS Arihant. Continue reading


Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to  Ram Kumar Kashyap and Dr R Lakshmanan in Rajya Sabha today informed Parliamentarians that The first Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas squadron has been formed on 1st July 2016 with two LCA Initial Operation Configuration (IOC) Series Production Aircraft. Further, 18 more aircraft in IOC standard are planned for induction by 2018-19. This would be followed by 20 more aircraft in Final Operation Configuration (FOC) standard, which are planned for induction from the year 2019.

The total expenditure incurred on development of Tejas LCA Mk-I aircraft, as on 30th June 2016 is Rs.8042.46 crores. The total initial sanctioned cost for Full-Scale Engineering Development (FSED) for LCA was Rs.5489.78 crores which were later escalated to Rs.9121.07 crores. Continue reading


According to media reports prepared by certain Russian media outlets , India and Russia are negotiating leasing/sale of 4 supersonic, variable-sweep wing Tu-22M3 long-range strategic and maritime strike bombers for an undisclosed sum.

India’s interest to procure Tu-22M3 long-range maritime strike bombers came to limelight when India and Russia were negotiating for the leasing of Akula II class Nuclear attack submarine called INS Chakra nearly decade ago while negotiations for the leasing of only INS Chakra was completed and was officially commissioned into the Indian Navy on April 4, 2012. Continue reading


The Services (Armed Forces) Acceptance of Necessities (AON) for Capital acquisitions which has been accepted from several years is yet to see any significant fructification on contracts (i.e. conversion rate). The DAC (Defence Acquisition Council) has accepted and cleared several projects, however the procurement cycle is so long (on an average min 5 years), that most of the projects have till date not yet converted into contracts.

Whilst the lead time for Ministry of Defence (MoD)’s procurements has witnessed small improvement over the past few years, it is still considered to be a tedious and lengthy affair and often lacks effective communication (regularly and scheduled feedback mechanism) with the participants (bidders). These delays are also due to sequential processing, centralized decision making by multiple layers of committees who have limited authority. Also dedicated integrated professional financial analysis resources are also not available and lack of flexibility in application of DPP guidelines makes negotiations and approvals further difficult. Continue reading


The scene at India Air force Headquarters will be celebratory since air force will finally be getting its hands on an Air-launched variant of India’s most potent Cruise missile dubbed as BrahMos-A after facing years of constant delays in its development .

Recently IAF’s Specially modified Front line fighter aircraft sukhoi-30MKI carried under its belly a 2.5 tonne monster of Air-launched Cruise missile which can hit its target at nearly Mach 3 speed giving IAF a unique distinction of having in its possession an ALCM which literally can take out any targets , Yes any target even an Aircraft carrier . Continue reading


By the end of March in 1991 , After serving for 32 years in Indian Air force a light fighter aircraft marked end of an era with retirement of Folland Gnat which by then had become a Legendary fighter jet which not only outclassed superior and advanced fighter jets of that era and much to embarrassment of Americans rightly bragged the title of ” Sabre Killer ” .

IAF flew and fought all its full-fledged war with Gnat and came victorious . not only machine their pilots too became legendary who flew this tiny fighter jets and saw some of the best dogfights in recorded history of mankind. Continue reading


Air Marshal B.K Pandey (Retd) in his latest piece for Vayu Aerospace has clarified that as per existing plans Indian air force will induct a total of 120 LCA Tejas out of which 40 will be of MK1 variant and remaining 80 will be significantly of improved MK1A variant .

40 MK1 variant of LCA Tejas 20 will be inducted in IOC-2 configuration and the next batch will be in final operational clearance (FOC) the will have a new feature and marginally improved capabilities . Continue reading


China and India, 21st century’s two foremost powers. Both of them belongs to Asian contingent but living with enmity against each other. Though India have tried hard long back in 1960’s to promote a very good relation with its Northern neighbor but China had back-stabbed India in 1962 when it had attacked its southern neighbor without any warning and any serious incident.

54 years have passed since that bloody war, but these two nations are living in a cold war like situation still. While China is busy to show itself as the sole power from Asia, ready to take on World’s only Super Power United States of America, India on the other hand with its vibrant democracy, soft power, growing economy and with a growing military is posing a serious challenge in front of China as a possible counter weight. That is why China is looking at India with enmity. Continue reading