Tata Advanced Systems Limited-Lockheed Martin deal to Make F-16 in India and also make India Global Spares hub for nearly 3000 Operational F-16s around the world has put many Indian and Pakistanis in a peculiar situation, Will Made in India parts be supplied to Pakistani F-16 fleet? Can India create a scarcity of F-16s spares to cripple Pakistani F-16 fleet? Well, Let me Explain.

First inducted in 1983, Pakistani Air Force in service has 76 First F-16 Fighting Falcon, out of which 18 are of Block 52+ Standard, while others are older F-16A which have received Mid-Life Update (MLU) over the years. F-16 from 80’s have been front-line and also most advanced fighter jet in PAF’s Fleet and also heavily counted on to take on IAF’s Sukhoi-30 and Mig-29SMT. Continue reading


Approved by Obama administration, Blocked by current Trump administration, Proposal of Lockheed Martin plans to produce the F-16 Block 70 Falcon in India, after relocating its entire assembly line from its Texas plant to India had become make or break in Indo-Us defence relationship to move forward but with Tata group and Lockheed Martin agreements at the Paris finally there seems to have overcome Trump factor .

President Donald Trump’s America first Policy and his move to save American jobs blocking American companies moving abroad could have the first casualty in India if Lockheed Martin proposal was rejected, Lockheed Martin, on the other hand, was also under a lot of pressure to lower its prices and fix nagging issues with its F-35 jets . Continue reading


Earlier this year, At Aero India, was first to report on Scale model of the Hindustan Turbo-Shaft Engine (HTSE) 1200 Rotary engines for Helicopters displayed at the event. as per latest information provided by the Industrial sources to, HAL has started assembly of the first engine to begin ground trials.

Metal cutting had begun for HTSE-1200 in FY2016-17 and now the assembly of the engine followed by initial ground runs will be done in next few months. Continue reading


With Saab responding to Indian Navy issued, formal request for information (RFI) for 57 Multi-role Carrier-borne fighters (MRCBF) with an offer of Sea Gripen carrier-based fighter, ADA official close to has confirmed that development and testing time required for SAAB on Sea Gripen will be same for LCA Navy MK2 to become reality.

LCA Navy MK2 is still going through design optimisation and final design might be frozen by 2018 and a full-scale mockup of the LCA Navy MK2 will be ready by 2018 said ADA official. Continue reading


While Major Aerospace companies will again hog the spotlight at the Paris Air Show, But India’s Major Aerospace company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) too has put up stalls to promote export of many of its products to many potential buyers.

HAL at Paris Air Show can be found at Chalet 128 and will display models of LCA-Tejas, BAE-Hawk and of Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) according to Industrial sources close to Continue reading


While Indian Government is working out formalities to select which Public-Private Shipyards will build next Six Next Generation Stealth Submarines, Indian Navy is busy drafting Request for Information and Request for a proposal which will layout detail technical requirements Indian Navy would like it Project-75I Submarines it could like to have.

Media reports hints that Indian Navy may ask for submarines which have higher submerged displacement then current Project-75 Kalvari-Class Submarines which will enhance its weapons carrying capacity and its range considerably, India requesting Japan to field its 4,000-tonne S?ry?-class submarines was the first hint that Indian Navy may ask for larger submarines under Project-75I. Continue reading


SAAB’s after facing months of delays due to software developments was finally able to carry out much awaited maiden flight trials of the upgraded Next Generation Gripen-E fighter jet which also in one of two participating in the India’s Single-engined fighter jet competition to supply 90-120 Made in Indian fighter jets to Indian Air Force.

Last Week Indian Air Force had confirmed that Two Participating contenders which are Lockheed Martin with F-16 Block 70 and Saab with Gripen-E will be re-evaluated again in technical areas under which they had scored poorly under MMRCA Technical evaluation rounds. Continue reading


Indian Air Force later this year for the first time its history will be visiting Jewish country for to participate in multinational exercise air combat exercise dubbed ‘Blue Flag’. As per media reports, Blue Flag for the first time will see the participation of 7 countries which includes the US, France and Germany.

IAF’s Sukhoi-Su-30MKI 4++ Generation fighter jet which is counted among the best in the world against whom many Western air force pilots like to train up close might be making its debut in Israel for the first time, Israeli Air Force which earlier this year took deliveries of 5 F-35 Adir might give participating air force officials peek into its latest fighter jet in its arsenal . Continue reading


An internal rift between Pakistani Government and the opposition finally spill the beans on Pakistani Army’s well-kept secret of burying its dead in not so transparent manners and not disclosing casualty to its own Parliamentarians to keep the morale of its troops high against India.

Recent flame of tension near Line of control with India has allowed the situation to reach 2003 pre-crease fire agreement era. Indian Army which has been targeting Pakistani army bunkers and other infrastructures with heavy firepower have been reporting heavy casualty in Pakistani Army camps quite frequently but the Inter-Services Public Relations which is the media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces have been refuting Indian Claims of Pakistani casualties. Continue reading

SOURCE: Abhijat Bharadwaj / FOR MY TAKE / IDRW.ORG

With India at loggerheads with Pakistan on the West and an increasingly aggressive Red China on the east, the possibilities of a debilitating two-front war are ever increasing. With heightening chances of a long drawn conflict in the future, maybe it’s time for the Indian government to start thinking about starting a Civilian Marksmanship programme on the lines of the one in the United States.

The Indian programme would be a little different from the one in the U.S. in that it would be tailored to Indian needs. Civilians could be trained in the use of weapons at the Indian Army’s various facilities in and around cities. Also, the citizens availing these lessons could be charged a substantial fee. That’s why this programme could pay for itself as there is no dearth of Indians who would be interested in such learning and experiences (India is a nation of patriots after all). Continue reading


Reports of India working on a new mobile short-range ballistic missile with an ability to carry several different conventional warheads has been in news for some time now and according to Official reports of DRDO, New missile system is called Pralay and development of missile was initiated from 2015 on fast track mode based on Indian Army’s requirements to counter rising deployment of Chinese short-range ballistic missile in the border area.

According to Chinese media reports, People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Artillery Corps have deployed Dongfeng 12 mobile short range missile system in border areas with India. DF-12 has an estimated range of 280 to 450 km which enhances PLA offensive firepower immensely at much shorter flight time. Continue reading


President of United States Donald Trump and Narendra Modi Minister of India will soon be meeting together later this month for the first time to have a discussion on various issues related to the relationship between two countries. Procurement of Defence equipment from the United States will also be on high agenda.India has a long list of weapon system which would like to procure from the United States.From combat drones to fighter jets, Indo-US defence relationship has been gaining serious traction lately which propelled the United States in top 3 defence supplier in India.

Major American defence companies have successfully made inroads in India’s Defence industry but under President Trump presidency they also fear dead the end roads made earlier might feel them back more defence contracts in the future. Continue reading


Earlier this year in March, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and the Russian manufacturers of Sukhoi-30 aircraft United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and United Engine Corporation (UEC) had an agreement for the long-term supply of spares and rendering technical assistance for five years. While Media reported that new agreement will come as a boost to improve serviceability of the aircraft, but a detailed later media reports cleared that they were no additional technology transfer nor Russia had allowed India to replace mandated Russian components with local ones.

Even with new agreements, Russia continues to hold Iron Grip on after sales Support of Su-30MKI in India due to a flawed contract signed between India and Russia in 2000, which now has become Cash Cow for Russian original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) which had mandated that nearly 51 % of the equipment by value which goes into Indian built Su-30MKI have to be supplied by Russia only . Continue reading


A few years ago Indian Army’s plans to procure an undisclosed number of a common Light Specialist Vehicle (LSV) for all arms in a 3,500-kg unladen weight class category with a payload capacity of 900-1200 kg fell flat when known Indian and Foreign made couldn’t Clear User Trials carried out by Indian Army in various terrains .

Media reports indicate that Army is all set to refloat Light Specialist Vehicle (LSV) tender and many Indian Companies anticipating fresh rounds of user trials are carrying out improvements and recently Tata Motor developed Light Special Vehicle 2 was spotted carrying out Internal trials on Mumbai-Pune expressway. Continue reading


India is all set to soon announce Shipyards in the country who will be awarded contracts for developing Six New Stealth submarines in addition to Kalvari ( Scorpene class submarines ) executed under the earlier tender of Project-75 over a decade ago. Project-75I is still in early stage of tendering and Indian Navy is yet to issue Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposals (RFP) but due urgency required to execute the tender is still missing even when Chinese Navy Submarines are becoming frequent visitors to the Indian Ocean region.

Previous submarine acquisition plans strategized over two decades back had not factored in growing Chinese naval presence in the Indian Ocean region. Out of 30 submarines demanded by Indian Navy, only Six Submarines will be inducted by 2020, while India plans to develop Six more Nuclear Attack submarines instead of conventional submarines factoring in new threat level. Continue reading