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The army will buy six US built Apache attack helicopters within the next six months in a deal worth $655 million dollars or about Rs. 4,170 crore. The government today authorised the purchase, which will see the army operating its own attack helicopters for the first time and ending a long-standing monopoly of the air force.

NDTV has learnt that the army’s Apaches will be deployed on the Western Front in support of tank formations in a role similar to that of Indian Air Force helicopters. The first Apaches are expected to enter service with the army in 2021.

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As part of ” Project CENTURION ” Eurofighter Typhoon fleet will see integration of more weapons and also bring numerous new capabilities which could require increased engine thrust requirements since in future Eurofighter Typhoon fleet will need to carry more load or will receive heavier equipment due which EuroJet Turbo GmbH consortium has started working on New Enhanced Engine for Integration with Eurofighter Typhoon and also compete to power Next Generation fighter jets like India’s AMCA Program.

As per Media reports, EJ200 with 25 % additional thrust growth will allow EuroJet Turbo GmbH consortium to compete in Turkey’s TFX and India’s AMCA 5th Generation fighter jet engine requirements. Continue reading


The Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance government of India is ramping up defense cooperation with the United States, and will restart COPE INDIA, a mock combat exercise between the US and Indian Air Force.

COPE INDIA was first conducted in 2004, and subsequently in 2005, 2006 and 2009, after which it was abandoned.The exercise had generated some colorful headlines such as ‘Indian Air Force beats the US Air Force’ in 2004. The move to restart COPE INDIA comes after Indian Air Force jets took part in the US’ ‘RED FLAG Alaska’ exercise for the first time last year. Continue reading

SOURCE: Indian Defence Review.

All of sudden, MiG-35 started rolling in Indian newspapers. It started with Director General of MiG Corporation, Ilya Tarasenko’s interaction with the press during MAKS 2017 air show where he claimed that India has shown interest in MiG-35, which is 4++ generation aircraft capable of giving American F-35 a run for its money. He said that “We are in the negotiation stage where talks on technical and technological specifications that MiG can present to India and the requirements that India has for this aircraft were taking place.”

Talking about the aircraft, he claimed that comparing with `basic` MiG-29, MiG-35 is a new aircraft with anew airframe, a new and more powerful engine (though it just gives 7% more power), fly-by-wire technology, new on-board equipment, weapons etc. Just about everything is `new`. In anut shell, it is a `light`, low cost and multi roll easy to handle fighter. Continue reading


With Doklam standoff still continuing between India and China, an ex-rear admiral of the Chinese Navy has warned that his country’s foreign and defense ministries may issue an ultimatum to India before September to retreat to its side.

“If India keeps its troops in Chinese territory, China’s foreign and defense ministries are very likely to issue an ultimatum before September of giving a certain number of days to India to withdraw its troops. After the deadline, if Indian troops still remain within China’s territory, India will be responsible for all the consequences,” the Global Times quoted Rear Admiral (Retired) Xu Guangyu, who is now a senior adviser to the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, as saying. Continue reading


 It’s not just Doklam; Chinese military pressure on India may be increasing in recent months. Chinese Air Force activity in Tibet has been on the rise in the last three months.More fighters have moved to Tibet and ‘fighter activity,’ the number of sorties by fighter planes, particularly the more modern J-11, which is a version of the Russian Sukhoi-27, is on the rise.

The number of fighter planes based in Lhasa-Gongka has gone up to 25 and 20 of them are J-11s. There are eight fighters at Hoping, three at Hotan and 12 at Kashi. Continue reading


The United States’ decision to declare Hizbul Mujahideen a specially designated terrorist organisation led by an internationally recognised terrorist is “saddening”, the Foreign Office said on Thursday.

Addressing a weekly media briefing, FO spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said that Kashmiris’ struggle for their right to self-determination has been rightfully continuing for the past 70 years.He said Indian occupation forces had used excessive force against people in India-held Kashmir and they are “continuing to do so”. Continue reading


Lone Indian Moon landing contestant TeamIndus and its four global competitors on Wednesday got a three-month extension from contest organisers to complete their space feat.

The deadline to land on Moon is now extended to March 31 next year instead of December 31 this year, according to Google and XPRIZE who announced the contest a few years back. Bengaluru-based TeamIndus had recently said it was readying a spacecraft version for qualification tests with ISRO. It has hired ISRO’s PSLV rocket to send its spacecraft, ECA, to Moon on or around December 28. Continue reading


In April 2017, the Indian defence ministry released a hefty document detailing the consolidation of its army, navy, air force and strategic forces into a comprehensive joint doctrine for attaining its national goals. Components of the doctrine are woven into the country’s national values and how they pave the way for the formulation of an integrated, ‘joint’ doctrine.

It stresses on the consolidation of the elements of national power for achieving its great power status and defining the role of the military to achieve national security interests through different coercive strategies, including the use of diplomacy. In the doctrine, the word ‘ioint’ refers to ‘the synchronisation and integration of various elements of combat power’. Throughout the document, there has remained an emphasis on the need for close integration of military and diplomatic means to achieve national security objectives. Continue reading


Dubbing ‘Love Jihad’ as a dimension of terrorism, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy on Thursday asserted that theNational Investigation Agency (NIA) is the appropriate agency for the investigation as in the latest case the girl was allegedly being sent to the ISIS.

Speaking to ANI here, Swamy said, “The Love Jihad is a dimension of terrorism; they are going to be recruited for terrorist activities. These Love Jihadis are preying on young girls. They are compromising them, taking photographs of them, blacking them and then making them convert to Islam. In the latest case, the girl was being sent to the ISIS. So, therefore the NIA is the appropriate agency for the investigation into this.” Continue reading


China is stepping up preparedness for a possible military conflict with India on the Doklam standoff by reportedly setting up blood donation and collection camps in the area.

Many hospitals in different provinces are controlling the use of blood, and Global Times has reported that a hospital in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, has relocated its blood bank on the orders of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA)’. The local government is organizing a blood collection drive to replenish supplies. Continue reading


As nuclear posturing between North Korea and the United States rivets the world, a quieter conflict between India and China is playing out on a remote Himalayan ridge – with stakes just as high. For the past two months, Indian and Chinese troops have faced off on a plateau in the Himalayas in tense proximity, in a dispute prompted by moves by the Chinese military to build a road into territory claimed by India’s close ally, Bhutan.

India has suggested that both sides withdraw, and its foreign minister said in Parliament that the dispute can be resolved only by dialogue. Continue reading


On Wednesday, US State department declared Kashmir’s largest indigenous militant group Hizbul Mujahideen as foreign terrorist organization. The decision comes a month after Mohammad Yusuf Shah, alias Syed Salahudin, was declared as global terrorist by the US state department. Salahudin, the chief commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, based in Muzaffarabad, PoK, is also the chairman of United Jihad Council (UJC) – an umbrella group of militant outfits operating in Jammu and Kashmir.

For India, designation of Hizb as a foreign terror outfit is going to be a big diplomatic victory as it will also put Pakistan under pressure to rein in Hizb and its leadership in that country. India will sure use this as an opportunity to deal with the militants and their sympathizers in Kashmir with an iron hand, where militants are already feeling the heat of stepped up anti-militancy operations by the forces. The US decision may, however, embolden India further as human rights violation in the Valley could now be overlooked by the West. Continue reading


Engineering firm Larsen & Toubro (L&T) today said it has delivered two more high speed interceptor ships to the India Coast Guard at the company’s Kattupalli shipyard in Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

The delivery of the C-433 and C-434 high speed interceptor ships is part of the two contracts being executed by L&T for design and construction of 54 interceptors to the Indian Coast Guard, valued at Rs 1,424 crore, the company said in a statement issued here. Continue reading

SOURCE: Ajai Shukla  |

In an environment where large corporations with no experience in building defence equipment — such as the Adani and Anil Ambani Groups — are hoping to be chosen by the defence ministry as “strategic partners” for defence manufacture, Dynamatic Technologies Ltd (DTL) is a rarity: A company that has incrementally developed the capability to design and manufacture military equipment; in pursuit of a clear aim to graduate into the manufacture of military aircraft.

Last month, on the sidelines of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel, DTL signed a partnership with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a global leader in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). DTL plans to leverage this partnership to become an Indian “systems integrator” — the entity at the apex of a manufacturing chain, which integrates assemblies and sub-assemblies built by Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers into a final product. Continue reading

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