The expert committee led by Lieutenant General (retd.) D.B. Shekatkar has recently submitted its report to the Defence Minister. The committee, composed mostly of retired senior military officers, was appointed in May 2016 and was tasked with looking at “Enhancing Combat Capability and Rebalancing Defence Expenditure”.

Among its many recommendations is the appointment of a single-point military adviser to the Defence Minister. Since Manohar Parrikar has already spoken of his desire to move in this direction, the recommendations of the Shekatkar committee assume greater importance. Continue reading


Many security analysts have been crediting National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval and his ‘Doval Doctrine’ for the prevailing phase of a quieter Kashmir today as compared to the ceaseless violence that marked the state for most of last year. Yes, Kashmir is quiet now – there have been no major stone pelting incidents, attacks on security forces, protest against use of pellets or banks being looted in the wake of demonetisation .

However, let’s not get complacent or rejoice just yet. There may be several reasons for this lull. Firstly, Pakistan, under its its new army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, may have reined in the jihadi threat after Indian army chief Bipin Rawat repeatedly warned it to refrain from engaging in any misadventures. On the other hand, terrorists targeting Kashmir may have decided to lay low for the moment. Or finally, good sense prevailed among the Kashmiri youth. Continue reading

SOURCE:  Business Standard

A grand prize of $20 million is at stake at Google Lunar Xprize for the team that will successfully land and control a robot on the moon. The robot must be privately developed and funded, and capable of travelling a distance of more than 500 meters (1,640 feet).

No team has yet to win the prize despite the interest that many have shown since the competition was announced in 2007.An Indian startup, however, has stepped up to make their dreams into a reality, and many believe that this group of innovative entrepreneurs has the potential to win the entire contest. Continue reading


Israel’s envoy to India has expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of the 26/11 trial in Pakistan. Speaking exclusively to CNN-News18, Daniel Carmon said, “Bringing perpetrators of terror to justice is part of the global fight against terror. No one around the world can be satisfied till perpetrators of terror are brought to justice and sentenced. Therefore we are not satisfied and cannot be.”

Six Israeli citizens were among the 160 people killed in simultaneous attacks launched by Lashkar terrorists at various locations in Mumbai. India has always maintained that Pakistan based state and non state actors orchestrated the terror plot. The masterminds of the attack including Hafiz Saeed and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi continue to move freely in Pakistan despite several dossiers provided by India. Continue reading


Smartphones are being seen as new evil for the otherwise disciplined Armed Forces. In the wake of several complaint videos from Jawans going viral on social media, the India Army called for a review and strict implementation of the guidelines regarding the use of smartphones and other information sharing devices by Army officers.

However, in a recently conducted surprise check at Army Head Quarters, more than 80 Officers of Indian Army were caught for unauthorized possession of smartphones. Several devices were confiscated from various ranks including Brigadier and Colonel rank officers during this exercise ordered by none other than Gen Bipin Rawat when he was Vice Chief of Army Staff. Continue reading


Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday said that nations should strive for a world where nuclear weapons are prohibited and where existing stocks are destroyed.In a speech at the United Nations, the Chinese President said: “Nuclear weapons should be completely prohibited and destroyed over time to make the world free of nuclear weapons.”

Xi further made a strong case for a global governance system based on equality among nations.  Continue reading


Security and intelligence agencies are baffled over the revelation by the three persons arrested by Bihar Police that the derailment of the Indore-Patna Express was the handiwork of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and have rushed their sleuths to the State to quiz the accused.

While the Home Ministry has sent a two-member team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials to Bihar, officials of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) have also joined the probe to unravel the larger conspiracy involving ISI agents operating out of Nepal and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Continue reading


The first image of Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) developed VC 11184 ocean surveillance ship ordered by Ministry of Defence for studies in Oceans has surfaced recently. VC 11184 was floated out last April by HSL and now is currently going through the fitting-out process.

VC 11184 will be operated by Indian Navy and NTRO and will be used to carry acoustic equipment, underwater listening devices and other extensive suites of navigation, communications, command and control equipment. Continue reading


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin who recently meet Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi discussed possible Co-development of 5th Generation FGFA and also sought clear Indian stand if it would like to buy another Single-engined or Twin engined 4++ Generation fighter jet for Indian Air force said a Russian media report.

Rogozin said that Russia is currently developing an updated Mig-35 which might be represented to the world by end of January and will complete its first flight by February. Continue reading


India has never been an instigator of war, but unfortunately has been involved in five major ones since Independence. The Indian Army has proved its mettle and emerged victorious and a huge credit goes to the Infantry. A large part of the 1.4 million strong Indian Army is made up of the Infantry. In war, the artillery pulverises the enemy with heavy gun fire, the armoured corps charge ahead to take over enemy territory.

But it’s the Infantry that holds the ground. Just so we understand how important the infantry is, most Chiefs of Army Staff have been infantry officers. Continue reading


In a move with tremendous strategic import, India has been on a secretive weapons shopping spree on an emergency footing, buying up anti-tank missiles, tank engines, rocket launchers and various kinds of ammunition, from Israel and Russia. The purchases amount to more than $3 billion, persons close to the development said, asking not to be named. Deliveries have begun even as new orders are still being placed.

From Russia, India has bought a few thousand anti-tank guided missiles, several T-90 tank engines and critical tank components. The Russia-made T-90 is the Indian Army’s mainstay battle tank. The Russia list also includes multi-barrel rocket launchers that operate with the artillery against advancing columns and soft skinned targets, and large quantity of various kinds of ammunition.

Continue reading


New Delhi is reconsidering its Cold Start war doctrine, which anticipates a brief but intense conflict with neighboring countries Pakistan and China, as nuclear threats and terrorism continue to strain relations among the three nations.

A senior Indian official explained to Defense News that Cold Start enables the Indian military to rapidly mobilize troops and armor across the border before a nuclear threshold is reached. They added, “The Cold Start strategy will be discussed in the near future between the top military leadership as part of a new war doctrine.” Continue reading


Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa and Commander of Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) Matar Ali Matar Al-Obaidani on Wednesday reviewed the progress of the fourth joint exercise between the two countries. The Indo-Oman air exercise is being held at Air Force Station at Jamnagar, around 300km from Ahmedabad.

The exercise, called “Eastern Brigade IV”, started on Monday, and is the fourth in a series of air drills that started in 2009 between the two countries. Continue reading

SOURCE:  IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Indian Army (IA) has invited responses from overseas manufacturers on the service’s planned acquisition of assorted software-defined radios (SDRs) to boost its overall network-centric warfare (NCW) capabilities.

Two separate requests for information (RFIs) were issued by the IA in early January asking companies to submit data by 17 February about available designs for handheld and man-pack SDRs as well as for those that can be mounted on trucks, armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), and helicopters. Continue reading


Indian Air Force – the fourth largest air force in the world, one of the three main arms of the Indian Armed Forces, sentinels of the skies, pride of India. Established on 8 October 1932, the IAF was initially an auxiliary force of the Royal Air Force and later, after independence, has been the guardian of Indian air space.

In each of the post-independence conflicts (Indo-Pakistan Wars of 1947, 1965, and 1999 and Bangladesh’s War of Independence, 1971, and Indo-China War of 1962), the IAF and its fighter planes have been counted among the nation’s major strengths. When faced by natural calamities and domestic crises, the IAF has stood up to support Indians and administer relief. The glory of the Indian Air Force, however, is under grave threat due to lack of adequate modernisation. The sheen of this powerful force now dulls and we must take a hard look at the reasons. Continue reading

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