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India’s first and longest-range subsonic cruise missile “Nirbhay” is all set for Crucial 3rd Missile test where missile will fly in low-altitu­de mode next month.

DRDO has scheduled a launch window for mid next month for possible test of Nirbhay cruise missile. Nirbhay was first test fired on 12 March 2013, but first test was declared Partial success due to an abnormality in Navigation system of the missile which lead to missile been destroyed in mid-flight. Continue reading


Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar Partially lifted Ban imposed on Czech-built Tatra trucks, but now it emerges that it will only be cleared to supply spares to existing 7500 trucks operated by Indian Armed forces and No New orders will be placed for purchase of Tatra trucks . Major Make in India effort to replace this trucks with locally developed Indigenous Trucks by Tata and Ashok Leyland will be now be pursued aggressively.

Mr Bhat who handles Tata Commercial Truck business in Goa speaking to said that for last 30 years Indian armed forces preferred Imported Tatra trucks and there was no effort made to carry out local development of trucks by Private players in India due to lack of technology and also due to lack of Interest from the government . Continue reading


French Rafale F3 shown carrying an ASMP-A ( Nuclear capable Cruise missiles ) in the center of the aircraft.

According to latest media, reports 24 Rafale fighter jets to be supplied to Egypt by France will not be able to carry Nukes. Reports say that undercarriage will be modified in Rafale jets which will make them unable to carry nukes.

Aircraft will also be supplied minus NATO standard communications systems since Egypt is not part of NATO alliance. When asked Defence expert Vinayak Shetty if Rafale supplied to India will be Nuke Capable. Continue reading


Another Real time artistic impression of the ADA , HAL’s AMCA 5th generation fighter jet concept done by 3D Artist Saurav Chordia exclusively to Pair of AMCA with Standard Paint Scheme of Indian Air Force is almost  close to the actual Prototype models . Continue reading


Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar talking on the sideline of India today conclave 2015 said that he was not happy with Armed forces repeatedly changing requirements in the weapons systems currently been developed by various Public sector units, he also said that he has ensured that no more last minutes changes will be entertained hence forth once staff requirement has been defined . Continue reading


The government of India recently shortlisted Larsen & Toubro (L&T) and Pipavav Defence & Offshore Engineering Company which can compete with Public sector companies to build 6 AIP equipped Conventional Diesel Submarines under Project 75i for Indian Navy.

Reliance Infrastructure which belongs to Anil Ambani recently brought stake in Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering just before the government announced that Pipavav Shipyards have been shortlisted. According to sources close to both Private shipyards for the first time will be awarded to built 1 submarines each and four submarines will be awarded to PSU shipyards owned by Ministry of Defence. Continue reading


BrahMos Mini is official been dubbed as BrahMos NG (Next generation ) Since Air force, Army, and Navy all are now on-board new missile system project and have agreed to fund and Purchase new lighter Brahmos missile systems.

BrahMos Corporation (BA) in the initial stage wanted to develop BrahMos Mini for Air force so that other fighter aircraft like Mig-29 and Sukhoi-30 could be integrated with the new missile, without carrying out heavy modifications but Army and Navy have expressed their willingness to be part of BrahMos NG (Next generation ) Project which will eventually replace older BrahMos in next decade or so . Continue reading


Artist impression of Naval LCA MK-2 taking off from INS Vikramaditya 

What made Indian air force demand development of MK-2 variant of Lca-Tejas? Was it shortfall in performance of Tejas MK-1 ? or MK-1 failed to meet Air Staff Requirement (ASR) issued by IAF ? are some of the questions which Indian air force has failed to answer over the years which has lead to many speculations and counter speculations on performance of Tejas MK-1.

IAF has placed orders for 40 Tejas MK-1 variant, ADA and HAL also have developed 2 Technology Demonstrators (TD), 5 Prototype Vehicles (PV), Plus orders of 8 Limited Series Production (LSP) aircraft has been executed, but the aircrafts will remain for certifications with developing agencies . according to late Air Commodore (Ret) Parvez Hamilton Khokha who was also Project director for LCA at ADA Performance of MK-1 exceeded Original ASR issued by IAF, according to him who has been credited with flying more than 62 types of aircrafts , Said MK-1 is even better then Mirage-2000 operated by IAF . So why is IAF is still adamant for Tejas MK-2? Continue reading


The Armed forces special powers act (AFSPA) is often described as a demonic law by the human rights activists and agencies. They refer to the clauses of this law as a gross violation of one’s fundamental right of freedom and justice. AFSPA is always debated in a negative light but never from a soldier’s perspective, who is the true stake holder in this case and finds his hands strengthened, all for a good reason.

The AFSPA gives unprecedented powers to security forces which can become both, a boon for a foot soldier and a curse for a common Kashmiri civilian. There are reports about the repeated violations of this law and misuse of its clauses resulting in fake encounters and killing of innocent civilians at times. Continue reading


With March deadline for completion of MMRCA negotiation fast approaching, Determined Russia is trying every trick in the books to deny France the Biggest fighter jets contract in the world, Indian media without official government information is also adding more fuel to MMRCA Speculation each passing day .

In our last report (French Media: Dassault and HAL have reached an agreement on Rafale Production) we had informed our viewers that  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Dassault have finalized Industrial agreements on production of Rafale fighter jet in India and disagreements over Production and Warranty has been resolved. Continue reading


According to report prepared by Pierre Tran and Vivek Raghuvanshi for, claims that India and Russia have agreed to work on 5th-generation fighter aircraft based on Su-35, new aircraft which both countries have agreed on will be a reconfigured as Su-35 dubbed as Su-35S and have termed it as 5th generation fighter jet.

Su-35 is classified as 4++ Generation fighter jet, Class which comes close to a 5th-generation fighter aircraft, minus Internal weapons bay and Special Stealth Coating for minimum radar cross section (RCS) and next generation Avionics and weapons systems. Continue reading


After Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., (HAL) was able to save its in-house HTT-40 project to develop light trainer aircraft for Indian Air force, after IAF had repeatedly turned down the project  recently it got a boost when Defence ministry ordered IAF to place orders for HTT-40 to be used in Stage-I training of Pilots.

HAL now fears that IAF which operates Swiss-made Pilatus PC-7 Mark-II in large numbers will not a place a large order to make whole project financially viable, IAF also showed no interest in Armed variant of HTT-40 offered by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). So HAL now plans to offer Armed variant of HTT-40 to Indian Army. HAL sources close to have confirmed that HAL wants to develop Armed variant of HTT-40 but refused to confirm if talks are been held with Indian Army. Continue reading


According to report prepared by Vivek Raghuvanshi for, India may not have the funds to seal the $12 billion deal with Dassault Aviation to purchase Rafale fighter planes.While India plans to boost hike defense spending by almost 8 percent, defense analysts and military officers say it falls short of expectations and isn’t enough to buy the fresh weaponry.

Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation confirmed to French media that Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Dassault have finalized Industrial agreements on production of Rafale fighter jet in India, but finalization of the contract agreement with Indian Ministry of Defence is still pending . Continue reading


Will India’s First Nuclear Submarine ” INS Arihant ” which finally has started her sea trials last year will participate in International Fleet Review 2016 which for the first time will be hosted by Eastern Naval Command (ENC) of Indian Navy in February 2016 ?

Well according to Retired Vice Admiral Arun Kumar believes it will, In his latest article in a leading defence security magazine Kumar is hopeful that INS Arihant will participate in the event which will be attended by more than 60 ships from over 22 nations including USA, UK, Japan and Australia . Continue reading

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