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Indian Navy has transferred all its fleet inventory of Kiran Mk-II trainer aircrafts to Indian air force which were operated by INAS 551 Indian naval air squadron based at INS Hansa, Goa.

INAS 551 operated the Kiran MK-II for conversion onto the aircraft for pilots joining INAS 300. INAS 551 conducts Naval Orientation Courses for pilots before they progress onto the Sea Harrier and the MiG 29 K aircraft now operate HAL supplied Hawk Mk 132 trainer aircrafts for that role now said informed Sources close to from INS Hansa Goa. Continue reading


Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) on 15-06-2015 has issued Tender seeking Expression of Interest (EOI) from reputed Indian private / public sector industries / organisations for manufacturing and assembly of 80 kN thrust class engine consisting about 20000 number of components and parts.

Tender document which has gone though informs that GTRE is developing an aero gas turbine engines, with an objective of manufacturing and assembly of 80 kN thrust class engine prototypes (20 engines) over a period of 3-4 years. Continue reading


India has indirectly conveyed to Russian negotiation team that Indian Air force and India are not in any hurry to ink final Research and Development (R&D) agreements over developments of Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) based on Russian Pak-Fa aircraft.

While Russians team has repeatedly has been pushing Indian negotiation team for an early agreement on FGFA, but repeated issues with engines of Sukhoi-30s of Indian air force which already contributed to 3 crashes in Indian Airforce fleet has made IAF even more jittery and it is determined that Russia provide more information on new engines which are under development for FGFA. Continue reading


Pune-based Kalyani Group finally has got Central government clearance to test its indigenous developed Bharat-52 and Garuda-105 artillery systems. Trails of this guns developed by Kalyani Group will be carried out in next few months in India and Indian Army also has been invited as an observer for trails of the gun.

Kalyani Group developed “Bharat-52” is a long-range 155mm/52 caliber gun, which is capable of hitting targets in the range exceeding 40km and is an all- weather system with superior all-terrain mobility.and utilizes self-propelling capability and automatic laying mode. Bharat-52 can move at 25 km an hour on its own and needs a team of six crew members to deploy the system within one minute during day time and 1.5 minutes during night time. Continue reading


On 08-June-2015, Indian Army has issued Request for Information (RFI) from Vendors for design of Future Universal Combat Platform upon which new Main Battle tank will be developed to replace existing Soviet-era T-72 Main battle tanks in the Armoured Corps which will enter service in Indian Army by 2025-27.

“Future Ready Combat Vehicle (FRCV)” under which RFI has been issued requested Design Bureaus from India and Abroad to submit their Design information by 31-July-2015. Continue reading


A Recent report prepared by Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) came heavily on India’s home-grown Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas program.

Report tabled in Parliament highlighted many shortfalls and technical deficiencies in the aircraft but same report failed to highlight User requirements which have steadily been changed over the years making aircraft which started off low-cost fighter based on ASR which wanted aircraft which was bigger than Gnat but Smaller than a Mig-21. Continue reading


India’s first indigenously-built aircraft carrier

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter recent visit to India might have provided India much-needed boost in developing Second Indigenously developed Aircraft Carrier. Carter and Parrikar “agreed to expedite discussions to take forward cooperation on jet engines, aircraft carrier design and construction, and other areas”

While the possible sale of Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) developed by General Atomics was agreed upon by both. United States also has agreed to play a lead role in helping in developing a modern Aircraft carrier which can really challenge Chinese Navy in the region. Continue reading


Pakistani News media reported that a high level of Pakistani delegation will be going to Washington to provide ” Proofs of India’s involvement in Sponsoring terror activities in Pakistan to United States and World.”

But it turned up  mere rhetoric on the Pakistani side, Much hyped Pakistani delegation with proofs against India did not utter a word on the subject in the talks. Instead, the Pakistani delegation was grilled on nuclear proliferation, money laundering and other hot-button topics that the U.S wanted on the agenda. Continue reading


Eric Trappier, chairman and chief executive of Dassault Aviation in an interview to has confirmed that Dassault Aviation is still in talks with India regarding purchase of 126 Rafale Fighter jets over 36 Rafale fighter jets which are currently been negotiated at present.

Reacting to Indian defence minister Manohar Parrikar remarks that India will not purchase more than 36 Rafale Fighter jets, Trappier said that Indian air force will need more than 36 Rafale fighter jets which later can be manufactured in India and Current order for 36 Rafale jet is a Quick Interim purchase since there is slow pace in negotiation of original tender under which 126 jets were to be acquired by India. Continue reading


Crack 21st parachute commandos along with Indian air force Mi-17-V Choppers were involved in operations, which were carried out  deep inside into Myanmar border areas can be confirmed by at this point of time. can confirm that 21st para commandos did not suffer any casualties and Operation clearance had come directly from PMO after Myanmar Cleared India’s request for Cross-border raid. Continue reading


With Strong backing from Central Government, Indian Army has been tasked to go after militants who recently ambushed and killed 18 Soldiers of 6 Dogra Regiment.

Intelligence inputs suggest militants who were involved in the attacks have already reached their hideouts inside Myanmar and Myanmar Army which in past have helped in flushing out Various Militants groups operating in North-east seems reluctant to pursue any kind of operations against them in deep jungles areas which they are not familiar with . Continue reading


IAF Chief Arup Raha Speaking to few journalist responded when asked about Jaguar Upgrade program that ” Jaguar Strike aircrafts are very capable aircraft which have enough life left in them and can serve Indian air force till 2034″.

IAF is said to be working with BAe/HAL to provide product support and life cycle for Jaguar aircrafts so that it enables them to keep them in the fleet till 2034. Continue reading


Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) Chief T. Suvarna Raju finally revealed what was well known in Aviation circle about possible development of Tejas MK-I + aircraft which will be equipped with Modern AESA radar along with electronic warfare (EW) systems.

Indian Air Force (IAF) and HAL have been in discussion about additional orders for Tejas MK-I for a while now which has now been capped for 40 Aircraft’s of which first 20 aircrafts will be of IOC-II Standards and remaining 20 aircrafts of FOC Standards . Continue reading


Russia finally revealed its ill-kept secretive T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank, which will usher in much needed new generation Armour platforms to Russian Army.

Coming from the Same company that in past have developed Legendary Soviet-era T-72 and T-80/90 battle tanks, T-14 Armata Tank showcased new tank design that marks an end of Soviet-era tank design philosophy. Armata tank developed on new clean design has more western tank influence than older T-series tanks. Continue reading


State-run OFB Which has started manufacturing the gun based on the Bofors design of 155mm 45-calibre after its successfully cleared Indian army trails will get upgraded 52 calibre barrel in its future upgrades.

Well-informed sources have told that new 52mm calibre barrel which is under development by DRDO for Advance Towed Artillery Guns System (ATAGS) will share its 52 calibre barrel with OFB developed artillery guns based on Bofors. Continue reading

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