At height of Kargil War with Pakistan, in 1999, Indian Army then asked Indian Air Force to provide Air support to Indian ground troops and target Pakistani Army mens holding key positions in Mountain terrain of Kargil sector. Operation Safed Sagar was the code-name assigned to the Indian Air Force’s strike to support the Ground troops during Kargil war.

IAF deployed ground attack aircrafts like MiG-21s, MiG-23s, MiG-27s, Jaguars and Mirage 2000. Mig-29A due to its limited Air to Ground capabilities was deputed to provide fighter cover for other aircrafts in conflict zone in case Pakistani jets intervened, While older Sukhoi Su-30K was kept of the war due to limited numbers operated by IAF back then. Continue reading


US President Obama will coming to India next week and Indian media have been on overdrive on possible military deals with United States on key technologies which will kick start “Make In India” campaign started by India’s Prime Minister Modi for Defence production in-country.

Contrary to the Hype which has been created in India media, reality is completely opposite. United States in past and even now does not support full Transfer of Technology (TOT) to many key allies and there is no special exemption to India too, Many of the defence deals with United States have been through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) which means there is no Transfer of Technology (TOT) involved in such deals . Continue reading