While Agni-V is yet to become fully operational with Indian Strategic Forces Command (SFC) which manages countries tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile but many countries in India’s immediate neighbourhood are already rattled at growing range of India’s missiles which allows India to project its power beyond its regional rivals.

With murmurs of nervousness and uneasiness found among countries who India classifies has Allies/ friendly due to India’s growing missile range, Government of India for a while has been hesitant to openly talk about Countries next Big missile and kept long-range missile away from its annual republic day parade to create positive perception of the country as responsible Nuclear power to gain entry into elite Nuclear Suppliers Group. Continue reading


After India recently terminated 2 billion dollar contract for six multi-role tanker transport (MRTT) aircraft with Airbus Defence and Space, Outgoing Indian Air Force Air chief marshal Arup Raha has confirmed that tender will be refloated again for the third time soon.

Raha also shot down Russian offer of Russian Il-78MKI MRTT by saying that Availability of current fleet of Soviet-era / Russian-supplied Il-78 Tankers/AWACS/Transporters has been an Issue and airforce is not interested in acquiring more of Il-78 aircraft for any future requirements. Continue reading


Director of the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) Commodore C.D.Balaji (Retd) who is also Programme Director of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) yesterday had a sortie on LCA-Tejas PV-6 (KH-T2010) Fighter/Trainer Variant.

Commodore C.D.Balaji (Retd) is first ADA Chief to fly the jet which was designed by the premier agency body spearheading the development of combat aircraft for the Air Force and the Navy. Continue reading


India’s indigenous basic trainer aircraft, Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40 (HTT-40) which made its inaugural flight in the presence of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar earlier this year has been pictured with Dual-tone Paint Scheme identical to trainer mock-up which was first displayed at Aero India 2013.

Above picture is of first prototype ( TSR “T Suvarana Raju” 001) which was flown for the first time on May 31 this year with only Zinc Chromate primer, which is usually used to prevent surface corrosion of base metal. Continue reading


Previous Indian media news report had pinpointed that recent failure could be neither attributed to Hardware failure or Software failure and Research Centre Imarat (RCI) blamed ADE-developed software and ADE was pointing towards the defective hardware supplied by RCI.

But as per latest report culprit behind recent test failure of Nirbhay cruise missile has been identified and it is reported that Nirbhay’s onboard flight control software malfunctioned shortly after lift-off, causing its first-stage solid rocket booster to lose thrust. Continue reading


After Sarsawa air base in Uttar Pradesh was confirmed to be Home for first Rafale squadron of the Indian Air Force, News just coming in is that Framed ” No. 17 ‘Golden Arrows” which took part in the Kargil Operations distinguishing itself in the Fighter Recce role under command of incoming Indian Air force Air Marshal Dhanoa will be resurrected to induct first Rafale squadron in Indian Air Force.

First Rafale No.17 Squadron will be formed in 2019, which will be based in Sarsawa air base in UP. The airbase is located just 50 km away from National Capital New Delhi in flight times and will be tasked to protect National Capital in a case of War. Continue reading


Outgoing Indian Air Force Air chief marshal Arup Raha has confirmed that third series production Light Combat Aircraft, Tejas-SP3, which completed its first flight in September earlier this year has been handed over to first Tejas squadron by HAL.

On July 1 this year, IAF raised the first squadron of Tejas which saw induction of Tejas-SP1 and SP2 into Indian Air Force for active duties and SP3 now makes it third aircraft in the squadron and fourth (SP4) likely to make its first flight by March 2017 and to be handed over to IAF by June later in 2017 as per sources close to . Continue reading


Air Chief Marshal Raha when asked about status of Fifth-generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) while addressing his last Press conference before his retirement , confirmed that negotiations for development of 5th Generation fighter aircraft based on Russian T-50 is still be carried out but refused to confirm that final agreement between India and Russia will be concluded anytime soon.

High-level Russian delegation earlier this year had talks with Indian officials In India, where they offered to reduce developmental cost from $6 billion to $3.7 billion to fund and develop customised FGFA based on Indian Air force requirements which also included development of three prototypes of FGFA fighters to be delivered to India for testing and product optimization . Continue reading


Outgoing Indian Air Force Air chief marshal Arup Raha has confirmed that long pending “Make in India” Tata-Airbus C-295 aircraft project will be concluded in next Six months to replace the ageing Avro fleet of the IAF.

Procurement of 56 C-295 medium transport aircraft for IAF and 6 for Indian coast Guard ( multimission maritime aircraft variant ) have been cleared by Government of India to be manufactured locally in India by Tata-Airbus consortium. Continue reading


Public Sector unit Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has issued Two separate Tender for the supply of Progressive Pressure Control Valve For LCA Mk2 Programme and Supply Of Main Wheel And Nose Wheel Tyres also For LCA Mk2 Air Force Programme.

According to tender documents which has gone through HAL plans to procure 100 Main Wheel And Nose Wheel Tyres For LCA Mk2 Air Force Programme which also includes requirement for 3 LCA Mk2 prototypes and spares requirement for flight tests. Continue reading


After much fanfare comes confirmation that India’s longest ranged Nuclear-tipped Agni-V missile is just not yet ready for Induction and production yet and in coming years will be going through Three more trials but this time it will be carried out by Strategic forces command who are guardians of is of country’s tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile.

Strategic forces command plans to test Agni-V in a war-like situation to gauge the performance of the missile system in real conditions. Agni-V till now has been testing fired Four times but all the time by DRDO officials. Continue reading


In Shadow of Scorpene submarine data leak, Australia and France signed an agreement to build the world’s largest diesel-electric submarines in the Australian industrial town of Adelaide. 56 billion Australian dollars ($41 billion) contract to build 12 Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A based on French Barracuda nuclear attack class submarine have raised few eyebrows among many Defence Analyst.

At first, Austalia is going to build Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A submarine which is still a concept and its design still on paper and is nearly twice the price has compared to nearest rival offer made by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems for its HDW Class 216 Submarine. Continue reading


News Agency Asian News International (ANI) has tweeted that DRDO has successfully flight tested Smart Anti airfield Weapon (SAAW) yesterday from IAF’s Jaguar DARIN-II aircraft at integrated test range (ITR) chandipur off Odisha coast.

SAAW is a long-range, precision-guided Air to Surface weapon which weighs around 125-150 kgs and has a strike distance of 80-100 km and can be launched from combat jets like Jaguar, Sukhoi-30 and Rafale combat jets is capable of destroying even steel reinforced concrete runways and bunkers etc of the enemy with deep penetration capabilities making it impossible for the enemy aircraft to even take off while being controlled from the cockpit. Continue reading


India’s own cruise missile project Nirbhay is on the verge of closure claimed latest Indian media reports after a recent test of the missile was declared an absolute disaster and Government of India now mulling plans to close the project due to repeated delays and failed tests.

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) developed Nirbhay was initially demanded by Indian Army nearly 15 years ago and Project went active nearly 12 years ago. But since 2013 missile has been tested Four times, with Three complete failures and only one partial success to its credit. Continue reading


The government of India is, likely to take a call on which Single-engined combat jet proposals submitted by Lockheed Martin for F-16V and Saab for Gripen E will be selected to be manufactured locally in the country after Aero India 2017 said serving air force official to

Official confirmed that it will be a Political decision and which fighter makes the cut will be taken by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar who is going through all merits of both the proposals. Continue reading

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