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Days after Swathi Weapon Locating Radar was Inducted into Indian Army, Industrial sources have confirmed to that DRDO is planning to seek export clearance for two radars developed Indigenously in India from Ministry of Defence Soon.

Swathi and Arudhra Radars both have been inducted into Indian Army and Indian Air force respectively. Continue reading


DRDO, after been granted several export clearances for its indigenously developed weapons system, is all set to set up its own commercial arm, which will promote in International markets products and services emanating from the DRDO.

For the time being BrahMos Corp will be taking care of final negotiation for sale of Akash Surface to Air Missile System to Vietnam, but Soon a new commercial arm will be setup which will be in charge of all systems developed by all DRDO’s associated laboratories with export in mind. Continue reading


India plans to acquire 5 Russian S-400 long-range air defence system for Indian Air Force from 2017 to 2022. while India is yet to place an order with Russia but Russian media report suggests that delivery can commence from 2018 onwards after fulfilling its own requirement. S-400 is a Mobile Theatre defence system capable of neutralising both Aerodynamic and ballistic threats.

S-400 with engagement envelope extending to 400 kilometres and the ability to engage all types of aerial threats while operating in electronic warfare (EW) environment make S400 formidable system . India’s interest in acquiring S-400 system was first reported in Indian press in October 2015 it is likely that Russians offered the system to India in end of 2013 or early 2014 . Continue reading


India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd for the first time showcased Scale model of indigenously developed HTSE-1200 engine which can be used for helicopters like Light Combat Helicopter, Light Utility Helicopter and the future ALHs and should be ready by 2020-21. was informed that current Shakti engines developed by HAL and its French partner Turbomeca will be replaced with indigenous engine once it is ready for production. HTSE-1200 in the single-engine configuration will be used on Light Utility Helicopter and in twin-engine configuration will be used on Advanced Light Helicopter and Light Combat Helicopter. Continue reading


At Aero India 2017, HAL officials confirmed to that Indo-Russian Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA) medium airlifter program is more or less officially dead since proposed aircraft failed to meet Customers (Indian Air Force) technical requirements and Project work from Indian side has been stopped.

The bone of contention between Indian air force’s rejection of MTA was largely based on lack of FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) equipped Aviadvigatel PS-90A1 turbofans engine as sought by IAF. Continue reading


India’s 5th Generation fighter jet program is entering Preliminary design stage, as been confirmed to at Aero India 2017. Preliminary design stage in Industrial terms is called as a critical bridge between Concept stage and Detail design stage which means the focus has now shifted to creating a general framework upon which project will be executed.

While DRDO has received 231 crores of funds to carry out initial Research and Development for Ghatak UCAV and AMCA Program, AMCA is still waiting for final Budgetary and official sanctions from Prime Ministers Office (PMO). Continue reading


Indian Air Force after taking delivery of first Indigenously developed Netra AEW&C surveillance plane at Aero India 2017 has told DRDO that it will like to induct third Netra AEW&C surveillance plane too in its fleet showing confidence in the indigenously developed surveillance plane.

DRDO has confirmed that it will be handing over Second Netra AEW&C surveillance plane to IAF by June, which will be identical in terms of system configuration to the one handed over already. DRDO initially had planned to keep Third Netra AEW&C within the organisation to use it as a Developmental Platform to be used has Technological Demonstrator for Bigger AirBus A330 mounted AWACS India Programme. Continue reading


Army Aviation is take upon itself in pursuing the indigenisation program for critical components and materials with industry participation to reduce the dependence on import for its Dhruv Fleet. Participating at Aero India 2017, At Indian Army Aviation stall, was informed that Army has prepared a list which they think can be realised with the support of public and private sector industries.

Army Aviation is looking forward in indigenizing nearly 15 equipment which it feels should be done on priority and is actively scouting for public and private sector industries for possible partnerships. Continue reading


HAL’s ambitions of entering the aircraft engine space are now one step closer to the reality since HAL has confirmed to at Aero India 2017 that HTFE-25 has achieved full thrust in trials and will be ready for first flight by next year.

HAL had unveiled the HTFE-25 (Hindustan Turbofan Engine 25) engine at Aero India 2015 has managed to keep the program on schedule to meet its internal deadline of 2018. Continue reading


DRDO at recently concluded Aero India 2017 showcased its Concept Demonstration vehicle dubbed Tethered Autonomous Multi-Copter Platform (TAMP). Tethered drones, unlike conventional drones, have an unlimited power supply to the aircraft for long endurance flights since there is a physical wire connection to ground or to other fixed power station. was informed by DRDO officials that TAMP can carry a 30kg payload up to 100m up in the air and that it can fly over any moving vehicle increasing the surveillance qualities of the UAV. Continue reading


UTTAM a multimode, solid state active phased array radar indigenously developed by LRDE has completed extensive ground trials from high-rise rooftop testing to demo mount on Helicopter and now is been prepped for integration on LCA-Tejas to commence flight trials. was informed that LCA-Tejas LSP-2 has been selected to be used has a flying testbed aircraft for UTTAM Radar integration and once integrations are complete LRDE will take around two years for flight trials to completely test radar on all modes. Continue reading


India was supposed to carry out a fresh trial of its long range nuke-capable submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) K-4 from an underwater platform in late January or in early February but the latest K-4 SLBM test was aborted due to technical issues with the submerged pontoon as per latest media information.

K-4 submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) having a strike range of around 3,500 km has already missed two launch window due to issues with submerged pontoon. Continue reading


GE Aviation has handed over two F414-GE-INS6 engines which will eventually power Tejas MK-II by 2020. GE Aviation is in process of handing over 6 more F414-GE-INS6 engines this year alone confirmed GE Aviation to Indian media.

In October 2010, the F414-INS6 derivative of the F414 was been selected to power the MK-II version of India’s HAL Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). India expects to purchase up to 99 installed engines. Continue reading

SOURCE: IDRW NEWS NETWORK has been informed at Aero India 2017 that, HAL and ELTA have completed ground trials, integration and installation of Elta’s ELM-2052 AESA radar on upgraded Jaguar DARIN III aircraft and first flight of Jaguar could be conducted after Aero India 2017 concluded HAL employee to

Indian Air force’s main Strike aircraft Jaguar under DARIN III upgrade will be getting 28 new sensors, which will also see the integration of indigenous mission computer. ELM-2052 AESA radar on Jaguar DARIN III makes Jaguar fleet first aircraft to receive Next Generation AESA Radar technologies which will keep them technologically relevant for next decade to come. Continue reading

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