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News just coming in, that India’s Indigenously developed Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) interceptor missile was successfully test fired from a defence base off Odisha coast on early hours of today. Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) intercepted a modified version of Prithvi-II.

Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) sporting an indigenous IIR seeker intercepted a ballistic target at an altitude of 97 km. Continue reading


HAL plans to wrap up production of its Dhruv Helicopter and complete all orders placed by Indian armed forces in 2018. Latest Dhruv Mk-III version are currently been produced at 24 helicopters a year and all 159 ordered will be delivered by 2018.

According to industrial sources close to, HAL might bag further smaller orders from Indian Army which might keep the production line open for next few years but gradually focus will now shift towards other indigenous helicopter projects like LUH, LCH and IMRH in future. Continue reading



After years of delays and countless hours of refinements to the radar, DRDO has finally started delivering made-in-India AEW&C to the IAF. Dubbed ” Netra ” (Eye) by Indian Air Force it was also the star attraction at this years republic day parade.

Indigenous AEW&C programme has succeeded in almost all aspects and recently also cleared final trials in a scenario where aircraft was actually tracking and coordinating with nearly dozen combat jets similar to operational situations under which it could normally operate in. But the bigger challenge is now to shift focus on next version that is bigger AWACS-I (India). Continue reading


Mistral ATAM ( Air-to-Air Mistral) are currently being integrated into HAL’s Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) and are on schedule confirmed MBDA spokesman to Flightglobal. Mistral ATAM already has been integrated into Dhruv Mk IV Weapon System Integrated (WSI) and also has been test fired from Dhruv Mk IV successfully.

MISTRAL ATAM is currently the only helicopter mounted air-to-air missile in full operational service and is based on the MISTRAL missile with its fire-and-forget engagement mode, ease of operation and unrivalled kill probability. Continue reading


According to Government sources closer to India Today, CCS meet chaired by PM Narendra Modi cleared a proposal to ramp up the production of indigenously built LCA Tejas fighters.

CCS meet was chaired yesterday by PM Modi and one of the crucial agenda was approval for HAL to set up third Tejas production line. Continue reading


HAL is all set to showcase initial design mockup of Indian Multi-Role Helicopter (IMRH) at Aero India 2017. HAL is also aware that Army and Navy which have backed the indigenous project are also looking for a weaponised variant of Multi-Role Helicopter and HAL has agreed to work on developing one after consulting with Army and Navy, said an informed source close to

Indian Navy already has decided not to use ‘Dhruv’ advanced light helicopter, manufactured by HAL for Anti-submarine warfare due to size and weight of Dhruv which was found unsuitable to carry out anti-submarine warfare operations but Naval IMRH will come with Anti-submarine warfare operations requirements. Continue reading


After coming under fire for initiating Upgraded Combat Hawk Project without backing from Indian Air force, which firmly rejected BAE-HAL proposal to buy the Advance version of Trainer jet. HAL has confirmed that it will be displaying a full-scale mockup of Indian Multi-Role Helicopter (IMRH) at Aero India 2017.

HAL also confirmed that IMRH both Indian Army and Indian Navy have shown interest in the big-lift next-generation chopper and both have agreed to be on board the project and IMRH is not an in-house HAL project . Continue reading


After been offered recently for Co-development of Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka helicopter by Russia. HAL now plans to showcase Mockup of Indian Multi-Role Helicopter (IMRH) which will replace older Mi-8/17 Helicopters from Indian armed forces. (Russia offers India Co-development of Kamov Ka-60 to replace older Mi-8 Helicopters )

Russians sensing an opportunity had earlier proposed Co-development of Kamov Ka-60 with HAL and was first to report this development.Proposed Medium Class Helicopter will be of 13-tonne class and will be powered by twin engines and will feature blade folding option for ship deck operations. Continue reading


In a Bid to Push export of indigenously developed LCA-Tejas for export, HAL plans to exhibit the fighter jet in International Aerospace and Defence exhibitions in coming months.

As per Industrial sources close to, Many countries in past who have shown interest in the jet and many high ranking officials from this countries will be in India during Aero India 2017 and HAL plans to further brief them about progress about new MK1A Standard for which Indian Air force already has placed orders for 83 units. Continue reading


As per Industrial sources close to Indian Air force is actively pushing for Performance and operational availability guarantees from Russia for joint Indo-Russian 5th Generation fighter jets program dubbed as FGFA.

IAF clearly is trying to replicate current agreements reached between India and France on the Operational capability of 36 Dassault Rafale fighter jet ordered by India, where OEM can be financially penalised if its fails to maintain desired operational availability of the jet in Indian air force. Continue reading


As per Government documents provided to Parliamentarians, Guided Pinaka Rocket has successfully hit targets at 75km in trials conducted on 24th Jan 2017. Earlier trials on 12th Jan 2017 saw Guided Pinaka Rocket hitting targets within range of 65km.

The guided version of Pinaka Rocket incorporates Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)/ Global Positioning System (GPS) for the mid-course guidance with an accuracy of 60m to 80m at all ranges. In the recent trials conducted, the desired accuracy has been achieved. Continue reading


As per Government documents provided to Parliamentarians, 231 crores have been sanctioned by Indian Government to carry out Design of GHATAK UCAV last year in May 2016. ADA had received seed-funding to undertake preliminary work on Ghatak in 2009.

Same funds will also be utilised to develop Critical advanced Technologies for GHATAK & AMCA projects in terms of Stealth materials for both the projects. Continue reading


The government of India has cleared development of next-generation Akash-NG Surface to Air missile at sanctioned cost of 470 crores as per government documents revealed in Parliament. Akash NG according to sources close to will have improved range of 40km.

Akash NG will also come with new radar and seeker to improve its interception capabilities. Development of NG is likely to be concluded within next two years and missile will be offered for trials. Continue reading


Chinese media has indicated that China is working on a new long-range air-to-air missile that seems tailor-made to give rival air forces problems when operating in the region.

Photographs posted on Chinese media show China’s J-11B and J-16 fighters carrying an unnamed missile that Chinese state-run media confirms has a range of nearly 400kms. New very long-range air-to-air missiles are especially threat to India’s high-value targets, which usually operate beyond operational range of BVRAAMs. Continue reading


Inching closer to Two decades of operational service in Indian Air force, the Su-30MKI fleet in Indian Air force is finally seeing increased momentum for the long-awaited Su-30MKI upgrade programme.

T. Suvarna Raju, Director (Design & Development) of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd hopes that major announcement will be made in next few months that HAL has been selected has lead integrator for the SU-30MKI upgrade programme. Continue reading

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