While rival Boeing is repacking its legacy Combat jets with Semi-Stealth tech configuration and has relaunched Semi-Stealthy F-18 and F-15 variants, Pioneer in Stealth technology Lockheed Martin is simply not interested in reconfiguring its legacy F-16 into Semi-stealth combat jet to lure more customers.

Lockheed Martin officials while speaking to Indian media flatly refused to integrate any Stealth elements in F-16 which are currently been offered to India under PM Modi’s “Make in India ” Defence initiative with Private defence collaboration in India. Continue reading


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar have reportedly come heavily on DRDO Bosses on continuous leaks to media about countries missile launch details coming out in public domain much before actual missile test takes place.

Some Indian media houses were able to accurately predict which missile will be launched by date in coming days. leaks have been happening from within DRDO itself and both Modi-Parrikar both are not impressed by DRDO management who until now have failed to stop media leaks. Continue reading


In last few days of 2016, director of Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Commodore CD Balaji (retired) took to the skies in the rear seat of a 2-seater PV6 Trainer aircraft variant to get a first-hand experience of flying a Tejas.

Now reports are emerging that current DRDO Chief S Christopher will be next in line to take to skies in an LCA-Tejas Trainer variant in next few days. Continue reading


While Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar plans to procure 44,000 close quarter battle (CQB) carbines, a crucial weapon for the Indian Army for its counter-terrorism operations in the Kashmir Valley directly from the vendor instead of opting for the global tendering process.

Pune-based Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE) is getting ready to offer indigenously developed Joint Venture Protective Carbine (JVPC) carbine for Army user trials this year said a media report. Continue reading


Tender documents issued by HAL for components for development of first three LCA-Tejas MK2 aircraft suggests that MK2 program is again gaining momentum after recent flip-flops by Indian Navy and silence adopted by Indian air force over its requirement for MK2 variant.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is adamant to carry on the development of MK2 variant and is contemplating giving production rights to Joint private venture who will have exclusive rights to manufacture them in India. Continue reading


According to highly reliable sources close to, ShinMaywa Industries Ltd reportedly has offered India Civilian variant of US-2 amphibious search and rescue aircraft after Indian Defence minister Manohar Parrikar refused to clear the deal for Indian Navy due to high cost of this aircraft.

Indian Navy to has reduced its requirements from 15 aircraft to just 6 after strong objection from Parrikar. Indian Navy wanted to use US-2 in search and rescue mission and also for antipiracy measures. Continue reading


The imagery of Chinese Naval Nuclear Attack Submarine docked at Karachi might be just a start by Chinese military planners to displace India’s predominance in the “Indian Ocean” and take over a nation who are more than willing to surrender its sovereignty in name of development.

China’s military aggression in the East China Sea and the South China Sea has lead to massive investment and development of Chinese navy which is expanding at a faster rate, Chinese military strategy is now shifting from Land –Centric to Ocean-Centric Strategy to fuel their economic and military growth. Continue reading


In international arms control, small arms include revolvers and pistols, rifles and carbines, assault rifles, submachine guns and light machine guns. Small Arms are considered as the real Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Since it kills more people in a year than all other firearms combined. Indian planners have often ignored or didn’t give due importance to the small arms and also the small arms Industry in General.

In the low intensity conflicts that India is facing today it’s the Small arms which is a Prime weapon not the fancy fighter jets. It does not take a genius to understand that the India is lacking behind almost all major countries in this field. Continue reading


Contenders have been narrowed down and it is virtually final round between F-16 and Gripen-E fighter jets and the winner of this round will enter production in India and latest by march this year we will see a winner picked by Defence minister Manohar Parrikar and his team in Ministry of Defence.

Lockheed Martin offered F-16 combat jet is leading the race due to India’s changing strategy military and political compulsion with United States Government. But this is not the first time F-16 has been offered to India, under MMRCA Tender Lockheed had offered F-16IN but this time around Lockheed has offered F-16V which when it enters production will be designated Block 70/72, No no both are not the same, let me explain. Continue reading


Defence Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI) agreement between India and the US has made some progress in recent years but major breakthrough and right pathfinder projects are yet to take off even though India has been declared has a Major US Defence Partner with whom US Government can share critical technologies.

Delegation-level talks have yet to conclude on which project both India and the US plans to Jointly develop, but sooner they conclude it’s better for both since it might become more of rhetoric without actual substantial work in reality. Continue reading


After Russia finally delivered four Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets to China after a delay of two years, Government mouthpiece PLA Daily in an article expressed that Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets purchased from Russia will be the last fighter imported by China.

China which has made many advances in the manufacturing of new type of fighter jets, till now was still largely dependent on Russia for engines as well as avionics. But Defence Analyst now see a pattern on how China is raising its game in Aeronautical projects. Continue reading


Senior Boeing official reportedly has said to Indian media representatives that Boeing doesn’t want to directly compete with Russian offer on IL-78 and European Consortium offer of Airbus A300 MRTT and they will like to supply the tankers to India under Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme of Department of Defence and Department of State.

In the Previous report prepared by, (Indian Aerial Tanker War heats up after Raha shot down Russian Il-78MKI offer) Recently retired Indian Air Force Air chief marshal Arup Raha was not keen on going for Russian Il-78MKI MRTT, due to severe serviceability and maintenance issues with current Tanker fleet. Continue reading


Since 2015, DRDO has been working on design and development of a new Surface to surface Missile (SSM) which for some reasons has been on fast track mode and as per DRDO all aerodynamic configuration has been finalised and all other system studies have been completed.

Little has been known about the actual intent of the new missile but the configuration of thrust vectoring in canister mobile layout suggests new SSM is a tactical missile system heavily borrowing components from ‘Shourya’ missile. Continue reading


INS Kalvari, India’s first Scorpene class submarine under Project 75 is likely to be commissioned into Indian Navy in the coming weeks said reliable sources close to

INS Kalvari which was launched on 28 October 2015 since then has completed Basin trials and Harbor acceptance trials in April 2016 and also has completed dive trials. Continue reading


While Agni-V is yet to become fully operational with Indian Strategic Forces Command (SFC) which manages countries tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile but many countries in India’s immediate neighbourhood are already rattled at growing range of India’s missiles which allows India to project its power beyond its regional rivals.

With murmurs of nervousness and uneasiness found among countries who India classifies has Allies/ friendly due to India’s growing missile range, Government of India for a while has been hesitant to openly talk about Countries next Big missile and kept long-range missile away from its annual republic day parade to create positive perception of the country as responsible Nuclear power to gain entry into elite Nuclear Suppliers Group. Continue reading

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